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July 4th, otherwise known as Fourth of July, Indepence Day and America's Birthday, is the USA's biggest secular holiday and a real cause for celebration across The Land of Opportunity. We took a look at destinations across The States and how they celebrate this special day. These were our favourites...

LHS guide: Your ultimate pre-swap checklist

Published in How to Home Swap

Whether it's your first swap or your fiftieth, sometimes in all the excitement we can forget the details which make our trips not only seamless, but unforgettable. With this in mind, we've compiled our comprehensive pre-swap checklist, so next time you hit the airport, you won't be hit with panic.

Live like a local: Wimbledon

Published in Places & Spaces

Wimbledon might be best known for its international tennis tournament, but there's plenty more to see and do here than catching a tennis match. Here are our top tips for living like a local in Wimbledon, volunteered by Love Home Swap's local members

Meet... Dan F

Published in Meet the Team

Find out more about the Love Home Swap team & the faces behind the site. Today we proudly introduce you to Dan F from our finance department.

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