Featured property listings get more enquiries

Members can now choose to boost their homes in search results with a featured listing.

You can email us today to find out more about featuring your home

Members have three feature listing options to increase their profile on site. We recommend featuring for at least four weeks and also have a fantastic introductory saving of 33% when you feature for 12 weeks.

What does a featured listing mean?

Your property will appear above Silver members as well as above any Gold or Platinum members who are not featured. Gold members receive a three month feature at the start of their membership while Platinum members receive six months. We know that the homes higher in the search results get three times more enquiries and more opportunities to plan trips. Featured homes will be prioritised on rotation in all relevant property searches.

What are the rates to feature your home?

Twelve week featured listing - £100* SAVE 33%

Eight week featured listing - £80* SAVE 20%

Four week featured listing - £50*

Take advantage of the busiest times on-site

To choose when you'd like to start featuring your home and improving your profile on site, simply get in touch with our member concierge team today.

*Local currency equivalents apply:

Twelve week featured listing - 100 GBP, 120 EUR, 170 USD, 180 AUD

Eight week featured listing - 80 GBP, 96 EUR, 136 USD, 144 AUD

Four week featured listing - 50 GBP, 60 EUR, 85 USD, 90 AUD

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