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Reviewing homes that you've visited is a great way to build trust within the club commuity and help members find the homes best suited to the trips they're looking for.

We've just updated our trip review system and you can now leave more detailed reviews of the homes that you've visited through the club. You can award up to five stars to the home on five key areas:

Location, Cleanliness, Listing Accuracy, Communication and Comfort.

You can also leave a more detailed comment on the trip and we've seen some fantastic feedback from members, both on the homes and their experience of the site.

Remember, providing reviews also helps to boost your profile on site and properties with reviews get more views. We do our best to encourage members who have swapped homes to both leave a review - which helps to build trust within the community. If you have a completed trip that has not been reviewed you'll find a notification in the My Account section of your profile.

Take a look at some of our recent reviews on-site.

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