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Booking a rental home

Published in How to Home Swap

Booking rentals through our site is a simple process, done through a short series of messages between the Guest (who wants to book) and the Host (who owns the home).

Our refundable security deposit service

Published in How to Home Swap

We know that our members take the utmost care when staying in other members' homes - but accidents can sometimes happen. Now you can enjoy extra peace of mind when agreeing trips with our refundable Security Deposit service.

Setting up your availability calendar

Published in How to Home Swap

One of the recent improvements to the site has been the introduction of our Availability Calendar. You can now clearly tell other members when your home is available and improve the quality of trip requests you receive.

Exciting updates this month

Published in How to Home Swap

We've listened to the feedback from our 54,000+ members and you can now choose exactly how you'd like to travel - Swap, Points or Rent - and plan trips with our new Availability Calendar. Home exchange is still at the core of what we do but now you can enjoy more ways to use your home to holiday...

‘Greenifying’ your Home Swap!

Published in How to Home Swap

Guest blogger Sandra Pearson: Every day we are prompted to be more conservative with our use of resources, to reduce what we send to the landfill and to recycle. We make an effort in our day-to-day lives to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. So when we go on a holiday, ask yourself,...

How to create the perfect listing for your home

Published in How to Home Swap

To make sure you get the attention of potential swappers, it's important to make your home stand out from the crowd. Listings that are well-written and informative gain the most interest - and attractive photos are a must. Here are our top tips to create an inviting listing for your home.

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