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Taking great photos of your home

Published in How to Home Swap

Taking great photographs is a skill but with a few simple steps, you too can take fabulous pictures for your Love Home Swap listing. Experience shows that members are far more likely to hear back from and be contacted by other members when their profile displays clear, bright and insightful...

Living their life

Published in How to Home Swap

One of the fun aspects of home swapping can be fully immersing yourself into someone else's life. Where are the best places to go? What are the neighbours like? Where are the car keys?! Everything you would want to know should be put in your home exchange pack - and when you arrive at your...

How to home swap – and save thousands on hotel bills

Published in How to Home Swap

Are you bored of the same old holiday experience? Fed up of generic, expensive hotels, overcrowded tourist spots, and never seeing the real essence of a country? Then you're in the right place. Home swapping is a unique way of seeing the world, without having to break the bank to do so. Take away...

Top 7 etiquette tips for first-time home exchangers

Published in How to Home Swap

Staying in someone else's home can save you a fortune when you travel but naturally requires some ground rules to be in place between both parties - more than simply staying in a hotel. It can be a bit daunting on your first trip to fully treat the home like your own. But as long as you behave...

18 things no one will tell you about home swap

Published in How to Home Swap

1. You will save a fortune in accommodation costs but then ruin it by letting appliance envy get the better of you with the purchase of a brand new washing machine when you return home. 2. Your friends/ neighbours will at best suspect that you have succumbed to weird cult or at worst fear you've...

How to make it personal

Published in How to Home Swap

The process of arranging a home swap isn't straightforward, it involves time and commitment from both parties, organisation and communication is key, but we've got some extra tips to help you make the process run as smoothly as possible so that our...

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