Finding the joy in everything

There's that old adage: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Well in light of the current weather in the northern hemisphere (queue thoughts about the polar vortex currently sweeping North America and the arrival of the winter storm, Hercules in Europe) anyone experiencing the adverse weather conditions at the moment would be hard pressed to see any positives.

However a small number of individuals have managed just that.

Take the scores of professional big wave-chasing surfers packing their bags and heading for the coasts of Western Europe. Billabong XXL, which presents the annual Global Big Wave Awards tracked the storm as it crossed the Atlantic and posted what it said was the first image of Hercules' giant waves breaking at Mullaghmore, off the Irish coast. (More about Storm Hercules here...)

Or the three brothers from Minnesota; Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz of New Brighton, Minnesota who spent 95 hours creating a 16-foot-high snow shark in their front yard. (More about the 'big freeze' here...)

So at Love Home Swap we'd say, Go on and make that lemonade!!!

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