Post Holiday Blues? What now...

So Christmas has come and gone. New Years Eve has come and gone. Those resolutions... come and gone. So what now?

You're probably sat back at your desk after a week or two's break thinking exactly this and longing for the days gone past. Well snap out of it, we're here to offer you a solution. Why not plan that next holiday? With as minimal a cost to yourself as possible?

Well, we could only be talking about Home Swapping. Home Swapping has been around for ages, but recently it's become a much more stylish way to holiday for people looking to travel more for less.

Homeowners now increasingly see their properties as assets that they can swap or rent to pay for their own holidays. At Love Home Swap, we've seen strong growth as a result of this- our member base has increased five times year-on-year to 50,000+ members, making us the world's largest home exchange club.'

Still not convinced? Why not take a look at what's been said about us in the press recently;

'Remember that scene in the movie The Holiday, when Kate Winslet enters the Los Angeles super-mansion she has house-swapped her English cottage for and drops her suitcase and her jaw, before scurrying about the place, clapping and squealing with delight?

Yeah, well, that was me (sort of), having stepped out of a private lift into a multimillion-dollar three-bedroom apartment, just one of 48,000 on offer on the members-only home-swapping site Love Home Swap.'

Read more about Nina's experience here...

'On any given day, we come across dozens of gorgeous homes. Because we see so many, our bar is set pretty high when it comes to truly spectacular properties. Today, that bar was met ... and surpassed. Five times. That's because we were introduced to the website Love Home Swap, which offers home exchange and vacation rental services.'

Have a look at the Huffington Post's selection...

'The cost of hotels in Brazil's World Cup host cities has soared, but football fans can still find a bed for the night in Rio, if they look beyond hotels at alternative accommodation options. A way round the extortionate prices is to consider a home swap. Love Home Swap - which has more than 46,000 homes listed in 150 countries around the world - has seen a significant increase, with 150 places in Brazil currently available to swap; 50 in Rio, 20 in São Paulo and 15 in Bahia.'

Read more of The Guardian's article here...

Now get swapping!!!

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