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Updates to our Points system

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Today we're announcing updates to our Points system, which has already helped plan thousands of trips since it launch six months ago. We've listened to our members' feedback and have made some important improvements.

Top up your Points balance to book more trips

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Love Home Swap members can now top up their points balance at any time to book trips anywhere around the world. You can already earn points when another member stays at your home and now we're making it even easier to book your dream holidays when it suits you.

Identity verification service

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The Love Home Swap community is built on trust between members and you can now verify your identity to raise your profile in the club.

Extra peace of mind with Trip Deposit service

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We're always working to improve the travel experience of our members and are happy to offer a service that will give added confidence in booking your trips around the world - our refundable Trip Deposit service.

Missed our 10th CCE? Check out the summary right here

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On the morning of the 22nd of July, Love Home Swap CEO Debbie Woskow kicked off the 10th Collaborative Consumption Europe panel discussion with a focus on "Is the Collaborative Economy Still on Track to be the Next Big Trend?"

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