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Love Home Swap: Staff Picks

Published in News

In last weeks 'meet the team' Love Home Swap introduced you to Chris, our head of Product and today he shares with us his dream swap destination! Marrakech, Morocco: Marrakech is a major city in the northwest region of Morocco. A vibrant and visually...

The Home Away from Home Travel Kit

Published in News

Add this infographic to your website by copying and pasting the following embed code: The Home Away from Home Travel Kit [Infographic] by the house exchange experts Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap: Meet Chris

Published in News

It is once again time to a member of our dedicated team who everyday ware working towards our site experience the best it could be and making sure our members receive the highest levels of customer service. In previous weeks we have met Phil, our...

Throw away the key

Published in News

How do you say I love you? With a lock and key. The origin of the tradition remains blurred, some arguing it begin in the city of Pecs, Hungary in 1880 when besotted students hung locks to prove their affections across an iron fence linking the main...

Love Home Swap: Members Meet-up

Published in News

We'd love to meet you! Here at www.lovehomeswap.com, we're excited to invite our members to our London meet-up for the chance to hear all about your amazing home swaps and to share your experiences with the Love Home Swap community. We'll have some...

Love Home Swap Does Winning Wednesday

Published in News

For this today's Winning Wednesday, Love Home Swap are giving away another FREE annual membership at www.lovehomeswap.com - worth $299! Just visit our Facebook page, LIKE our post, and tell us your dream home swap destination. Get your answers...

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