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Weird and Wonderful: Top 7 Unusual Bars

Published in Places & Spaces

Public drinking served as meeting places for families, friends and coworkers to relax and to just hang out. There are even bars for any taste and mood. Check out below and see the most unusual bars that gained international fame attracting thousands...

Travel Tuesday: Bhutan

Published in Places & Spaces

Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a country in South Asia. To the north of Bhutan is China and surrounding the south, east and west is the Republic of India. As one of the smallest countries in the world, its population reaches only ¾ of...

Unique McDonald's Restaurants

Published in Places & Spaces

McDonald's has made itself a global brand, serving 68 million customers each day in 119 countries. Everyone has dined at a McDonald's restaurant around the world, but have you ever visited these unique McDonald's restaurants? 1) Located in Taupo, New...

Travel Tuesday: Places to Visit in Cornwall

Published in Places & Spaces

Holidaying in England provides a haven for some families who don't want to spend lots on travel, stay closer to home and to see more of the country they live in. Cornwall, located in the South of England, leads the way in holiday destinations with...

Weird and Wonderful: Abandoned Places

Published in Places & Spaces

Check out some of the abandoned places worldwide. Have you ever visited to any one of them? 1) Kolmanskop in Namib Desert: Once a small but rich mining village located in Southern Africa, it is now a ghost town. After World War I, the town slowly...

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