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Weird and Wonderful: Barbie's Dream House

Published in Places & Spaces

The Barbie Dream House comes to Berlin. The world's most famous Blonde has landed in the German capital, Berlin in an explosion of Pink and frills. The life size, perfectly pink Barbie mansion offers it's visitors an 'interactive experience' for...

Travel Tuesday: Heavenly Hawaii

Published in Places & Spaces

Hawaii, the birth place of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama, is a network of emerald Islands dotted through the crystal blue Pacific Ocean. Lying 2000 miles away from any continent, Hawaii is one of the few places left to find...

Staff Picks: Fiji

Published in Places & Spaces

Last week at Love Home Swap we met our social media and PR intern, Rosie. This week Rosie chooses her favourite property in Fiji. This peaceful and picturesque resort is owned by Karen, a fun and thoughtful family woman who loves reading and...

The Bucket list: Petra, Jordan

Published in Places & Spaces

In 1985 Petra, due to its outstanding beauty and fabulous grandeur, was recognised as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The 'roses res city, half as old as time' is an ancient Nabataean city south of Jordan and was the kingdom's capital from around...

Amazing Sydney!

Published in Places & Spaces

If you have ever wanted to visit the beautiful city of Sydney, check out these curious facts and take a look at our Australian home swap properties! Amazing Sydney infographic by Aran_Jackson.

Weird and Wonderful: Thorncrown Chapel

Published in Places & Spaces

Organic Architecture: The Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka Springs. The organically designed Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, was designed and constructed in 1980 by E. Fray Jones. The chapel is a stunning combination or steel and indigenous wood and is...

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