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10 of the Most Unusual Houses

Published in Places & Spaces

Love Home Swap offers some of the most stunning and trendy houses to swap but have you even seen houses as unusual as these: 1) Transparent House Located in Tokyo, Japan, this 914 square-foot see-through house was hugely inspired by their ancient...

Travel Tuesday: Langkawi

Published in Places & Spaces

Need a break from the busy city life? Langkawi is the perfect place if you are looking for a relaxing vacation. Officially known as Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah, is located off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. The name "Langkawi"...

Travel Tuesday: Beautiful Beaches of Britain

Published in Places & Spaces

So it looks like summer is finally here! This weekend temperatures soared (sort of) and us Brits flocked to the coast in force, so today at Love Home Swap we are celebrating the weather with Britain's most beautiful beaches. 1. West Wittering, Sussex...

Travel Tuesday: On Your Bike!

Published in Places & Spaces

Whether you are a serious spinner or a casual cruiser, today at Love Home Swap are spotlight is on bike culture in Amsterdam, the cycling capital of the world. Biking is a quintessentially Dutch experience and by far the most effective way of seeing...

Weird and Wonderful: Barbie's Dream House

Published in Places & Spaces

The Barbie Dream House comes to Berlin. The world's most famous Blonde has landed in the German capital, Berlin in an explosion of Pink and frills. The life size, perfectly pink Barbie mansion offers it's visitors an 'interactive experience' for...

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