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Perfect powder skiing in Grimentz

Published in Homes We Love

With the ski season in full swing, Justine Tyerman set off on an alpine adventure; the highlight of which was her seven-day Points trip to little-known Grimentz. Thanks to perfect powder and clear-blue skies, Justine had an amazing trip. Here she shares her swap story with us.

Home of the Week: Nicoya Peninsula

Published in Homes We Love

"Casa Flotanta" - The Floating House - gives guests the impression of hovering above the canopy of the jungle, just minutes from Costa Rica's most stunning beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Home of the Week: Melbourne, Australia

Published in Homes We Love

This week we introduce avid swappers Bec & Ed & their inner city Melbourne home. Besides working as a project manager, Ed and his partner Bec a business manager, have created quite the abode. Boasting fabulous situation, modern décor & Christmas/New Year availability, we knew...

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