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Home of the Week: Melbourne, Australia

Published in Homes We Love

This week we introduce avid swappers Bec & Ed & their inner city Melbourne home. Besides working as a project manager, Ed and his partner Bec a business manager, have created quite the abode. Boasting fabulous situation, modern décor & Christmas/New Year availability, we knew...

Home of the week : Rome

Published in Homes We Love

This week we are in awe of a gorgeous loft near the centre of Rome in Monteverde. Owner Sergio, outside of his life as a TV director, had the loft totally rebuilt nearly three years ago, with all things white and beautiful clearly as his inspiration. It’s really no surprise that the owner...

Home of the Week: Umalas, Bali

Published in Homes We Love

Love home Swap offers some of the most beautiful properties to swap. Today we are introducing this luxurious villa in Bali. Located on a quiet river in the Umalas area of Bali, this gorgeous home provides a very private and secluded feeling while at...

Home of the Week: St. George, Grenada

Published in Homes We Love

This week at Love Home Swap, this stylish and luxurious villa on the southwestern of Grenada is our home of the week! The lucky owners of this gorgeous villa are Roy and Catherine who have two daughters ages 12 and 9. The couple lives just right...

Home of the Week: Fiji

Published in Homes We Love

Today on Love Home Swap we are introducing our home of the week from Fiji. This stunning villa is the perfect home for a romantic week away. Located in Nadi, Fiji, this villa is part of the Fiji Beach Resort and Spa managed by the Hilton. The first...

Home of the Week: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Published in Homes We Love

This stunning beachfront villa in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco is our Home of the Week. Sharon and her husband, a retired couple now living in Mexico, owns this impressive villa located directly above the sea offering an incredible view of the ocean....

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