Top up your Points balance to book more trips

Love Home Swap members can now top up their points balance at any time to book trips anywhere around the world. You can already earn points when another member stays at your home and now we're making it even easier to book your dream holidays when it suits you.

Our Points system is exclusively available to full members of the club, providing an alternative way to travel when a traditional home exchange can't be organised. You can read more about how Points work here - more and more Points trips are being booked every day.

We're now offering members a points top up service, allowing you to purchase additional points that you may require to book a trip. You may want to add a few extra nights to your stay, or perhaps you've already used your points on another holiday.

You may purchase points up to 50% of the value of the trip that you wish to book. So if you have 300 Points but want to book 5 nights you can top up the additional 200 Points required.

As a member you'll be able to take advantage of the Points system and still save a fortune on your trip.

What do Points cost?*

The rate at which you can purchase top-up points is linked to your membership level.

  • Silver members - £50 per night (100 points at £0.50 per point)
  • Gold - £30 per night (100 points at £0.30 per point)
  • Platinum - £10 per night (100 points at £0.10 per point)

Chat to us about your best options

We want to help you get the most value from your membership and book the trips you want. If you have a points trip in mind and need to top up your balance, it may well work out better value to upgrade your membership or take advantage of an offer that we may have available at the time.

Drop us an email today to chat about your best option or to top up your balance.

*Silver members' price per point
GBP 0.50, EUR 0.75, USD 1.00, AUD 1.00
Gold members' price per point
GBP 0.30, EUR 0.45, USD 0.60, AUD 0.60
Platinum members' price per point
GBP 0.10, EUR 0.15, USD 0.20, AUD 0.20

For more information please see section 10 of our Terms of use.

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