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Member Story - Dan's top 5 tips for happy travels

Published in How to Home Swap

Wondering how some members are so successful in planning trips? What's their secret to finding interesting holidays in stylish homes? Dan Prince and his family have completed multiple swaps in their first year. Here are his top tips for getting the most from the club.

Surf's Up! Top Surfing Destinations For Your Next Trip

Published in Places & Spaces

Grab your surfboard and head for the airport, we've put together five amazing surf destinations from across the globe for your next vacation. From the deep blue depths around Hawaii to the colourful coral reefs of Australia, there's no shortage of great places to 'hang ten.'

42 Biggest Travel Blunders Around The World

Published in News

International etiquette can be complicated. Clearing your plate in Ukraine is an insult to the chef - in England, it's a compliment. Similarly, the 'ok' gesture - an internationally recognised diving sign - could get you into serious trouble in Brazil.

Top 150 Secret Destinations

Published in News

Holidays are all about exploring a new destination. However, without expert advice, falling into the local tourist traps can be all too easy.

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