How do I get started?

List your home and take a FREE trial
Simply list your home in a few easy steps and create a profile for yourself and your home with our 14-day free trial. Add photos and all the details that make your home and local area great.

Set availability
Tell us when your home is available to other members (and when it's not) with our new Availability Calendar and earn bonus points to get started. You can set your home's availability up to 18 months in the future.

Send unlimited enquiries to the homes where you'd like to stay and tell them how you'd like to travel - Swap, Points or Rent.

Agree and Travel
Agree your trip details through our secure messaging platform and pack your bags for your vacation. You'll save thousands on accommodation and holiday like a local in a home as nice as your own.

Is it free to list my home?

Yes, it is completely free to list your home and review your swap matches. Love Home Swap is a members-only service, so you'll then need to start your membership to begin messaging with other members around the world and lining up your dream swaps. You could save thousands on your next vacation!

How do I book trips with Love Home Swap?

Love Home Swap is the world's largest online travel club and our aim is to give you more ways to travel for less. Once you've set your homes' availability using your Availability Calendar you can send out unlimited enquiries to homes you'd like to stay in and other members will contact you about staying in your home. Then there are three ways to plan a holiday:

Swap - This is the classic home exchange holiday, where two members get in touch through our site and swap homes with each other. A swap can be either simultaneous or non-simultaneous.

Points - You can now earn points by making your property available to other members, making the most of times when your home is sitting empty. So now any member of the club can enquire to stay at your home and you can stay anywhere in the world - for free. Someone stays in your London home in June and you use those Points to visit Sydney in December.

Rent - Members can choose to rent out their home through the site, earning money from their property and paying zero fees when they do so. You can also book rental trips through the club and pay the lowest booking rates on the web.

Why Love Home Swap?

Love Home Swap is the world's biggest online travel club, with 54,000+ stylish properties listed in 160+ worldwide.

Our members receive level of personal service that other sites can't provide, through our dedicated Member Concierge Team.

We offer three different ways to book your holidays: Swap, Points or Rent. This flexibility means you can now enjoy more ways to save money when you travel and make money from your home.

How many trips can I book per year?

You can plan as many Swaps or Points trips as you like, throughout the year, with no extra costs beyond your membership fee. If you are looking to Rent there is an additional management fee that will be charged to process your booking.

How would I cancel my membership?

If you'd just like to hide your listing temporarily, contact us at info@lovehomeswap.com and we'll arrange this for you.

If you want to cancel your membership you are asked to let us know in the 30 days prior to your renewal date. Cancellations cannot be processed prior to this time. For any membership cancellations, you can email your membership details (full name and email address) and cancellation request to info@lovehomeswap.com. This will ensure that you won't be charged for any future membership payments.