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Beds 5 Sleeps 7 Bathrooms 3

Leidschenveen-Ypenburg, The Hague, Netherlands

Wonderful & relaxing home in Netherlands

Our home is from 2006, 3 floors, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, wonderful garden with about 400M2. 20 minutes from the Beach in Den Haag and 10 minutes walking...

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Beds 2 Sleeps 4 Bathrooms 1

The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

Enjoy the view and close proximity to the beach!

I own a lovely 100 m2 apartment on the outskirts of the Hague, Fantastic view (6th floor, large elevator) facing south. Apartment is well and comfortably...

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Beds 4 Sleeps 6 Bathrooms 1

Ypenburg, The Hague, Netherlands

Detached villa in a green & kids friendly neighbourhood

This lovely house is situated 10 minutes away from the heart of The Hague. The tram stops 5 minutes away from our home. We live 30 minutes away from Schiphol...

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