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Point swapping your own home – Meet Marie from London

Published in Member Stories - September 30, 2020

Marie has been a member of Love Home Swap  for over five years now and goes on around five swaps a year on average. Marie is an avid Point swapper and feels “massively lucky” with the “amazing properties and holidays” that she’s been on through the platform. In fact, Marie believes that since using Love Home Swap, her and her boyfriend have saved “probably tens of thousands of pounds!”

Marie told us about how she swaps her own home, a flat based in London. Unlike other members, she does not have a second home to swap, so has had a unique experience swapping her own home, telling us how the first swaps were “nerve wracking” but now she loves the sense of community it brings and has found the majority of members to be “very respectful”. We spoke to Marie about how she has found Point swapping her own home.

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