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Here at we're used to seeing amazing properties, but even our most remarkable homes around the world face some stiff competition from these celebs… 1. Rihanna Image Source Following a severe problem with leaks in her former home...

Here at we're used to seeing amazing properties, but even our most remarkable homes around the world face some stiff competition from these celebs…

1. Rihanna

Image Source

Following a severe problem with leaks in her former home that rendered it uninhabitable, Rihanna has purchased a new $12,000,000 mansion in the Pacific Palisades. The singer's new 7-bedroom home spans more than 11,000 square feet and there's even room for 4 cars to be safely stowed away in the garage.

2. John Travolta

Image Source

John Travolta: triple-threat entertainer and aviation enthusiast. His $2.5 million "Airport Home" is exactly that - the Boeing 707 and Gulfstream II he owns can taxi to a walking distance from his front door. A jetway also provides access to his private airliner directly from inside the house, which is situated in the ultra-exclusive "fly-in" community of Jumbolair, Ocala, Florida.

3. Taylor Swift

Image Source

Young songstress Taylor Swift's Rhode Island home has 8 bedrooms, 10.5 (!) bathrooms, a 45-foot sun room, kitchen with an adjacent family room with a fireplace, huge dining room, roof terrace, wet bar, and a space on the ground floor that opens right on to the beach for the sun room's days off. That amount of luxury would set you back $24 million, unless you're a multi-million-record-selling popstar who can pay in cash - then you get a discount. The price was lowered to $17.75 million.

4. Tom Ford

Image Source

Fashion designer and film director Tom Ford's house was fittingly designed by well-known Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Located in the part of Santa Fe that Ford would visit as a child, the house sits on 24,000 acres of land and has been used as a film location several times - no wonder if this image speaks for the surrounding area, too.

5. Michael Jordan

Image Source

This huge (56,000 square feet, to be exact) estate along Lake Michigan belongs to former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan. The residence is worth an estimated $29 million, but with the 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, multiple fireplaces, pool and variety of sports courts it includes, the price tag is justified. Sort of.

6. Adele

Image Source

Adele's huge 10-bedroom, 10-bathrom, 6-reception room cottage also features a billiards room, a pool, has its own tennis court, a helicopter hangar and staff accommodation spread out over a staggering 25 acres of land. Rumour has it the property is up for rent for somewhere in the region of £3,000 a week while the singer stays elsewhere.

7. Naomi Campbell

Image Source

This magnificent structure, hidden just outside Moscow, belongs to none other than British supermodel Naomi Campbell. The oddly shaped 28,500 square foot property features a tower of an annexe, which contributes to its spaceship-like qualities. The home is still under construction - let's hope the builders finish on time because if the media are to be believed we wouldn't want to see Naomi angry!

8. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Image Source

Pregnant star Kim Kardashian and her partner Kanye West have reportedly splurged on an $11 million mansion in a high-security gated community in Bel Air, California. With only one entrance that's manned 24/7, and a wealth of other intruder deterrents we probably aren't even aware of, it seems that Kim-ye will be left to enjoy their 9,000 square foot home (and the basketball court, bowling alley, beauty salon, pool, tennis court and spa that come with it) in peace.

9. Emma Stone

Image Source

This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, 4,000 square foot home belongs to big-screen starlet Emma Stone and partner. The house is characterised by hardwood floors and traditional fireplaces, with a pavilion and the all-important pool just outside the building. This stunning home set the actress and her boyfriend back somewhere in the region of $2.5 million.

10. Dr Dre

Image Source

Rapper extraordinaire and the man behind the branded headphones that cover just about every teenager's ears, Dr Dre's home in the Bird Streets area of Hollywood Hills is worth a whopping $15.4 million. Built in 2001, the 10,000 square foot property has 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and sits in a quiet, gated cul-de-sac. It also comes with a 'garden room' complete with bar, giant greenhouse, 280-degree views of the city, pool and huge walk-in wardrobe as standard. Standard.

You might not find yourself in a property styled as an airport on your next home exchange holiday, but you will have the keys to a stylish home away from home. And if you're enjoying a home swap in one of our LA-based properties, you could always check out some of the Stateside celeb pads yourself on the official tour.

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