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Santa Claus is coming to… your home swap!
Destinations & Inspiration

Santa Claus is coming to… your home swap!

Suzie Dalton
By Suzie Dalton - 4 minute read

This year, the indus­tri­ous elves at Love Home Swap have care­ful­ly mapped out Santa’s around-the-world route and iden­ti­fied the most con­ve­nient ho-ho-hol­i­day homes for him to vis­it on his annu­al cir­cuit. And just to be sure, they’ve also cre­at­ed a check­list of the most San­ta-friend­ly fea­tures to ensure he has a great stopover when he swings by.

Love Home Swap Santa Christmas route map

San­ta’s route around the world on Christ­mas Eve.

Destinations that Santa will be visiting this Christmas Eve...

Vanatu, South Pacific

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Pavil­ion style home on the beach

Santa route Vanatu

Home swap in Vanatu, South Pacific

Queenstown, New Zealand

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Mod­ern Alpine apart­ment near Queenstown

Santas route Queenstown

Home swap near Queen­stown, New Zealand

Sydney, Australia

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Archi­tect-designed bush retreat

Bali, Indonesia

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Lux­u­ry vil­la with pool in Ubud


Santas route Singapore bukit timah

Home swap in Buk­it Timah, Singapore

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Santa route Chiang Mai

Home swap in Chi­ang Mai, Thailand

Western Cape, South Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Spa­cious home in a leafy green compound

Lazio, Italy

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Stun­ning vil­la with pool, near Rome

Santa route Italy

Home swap in Lazio, Italy

Linz, Austria

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Alpine home in Salzkammergut

Chamonix, France

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing : Lux­u­ry chalet in the mountains

Santas route Chamonix

Home swap in Cha­monix, France

South Downs, England

Loch Lomond, Scotland

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: 500-year-old cas­tle in Aberfoyle

Santa route Scotland

Home swap in Aber­foyle, Scotland

British Colombia, Canada

Quebec, Canada

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Cosy apart­ment in Tremblant

Utah, United States

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Large home in ski and golf park in Kamas

Santas route Utah

Home swap in Kamas, Utah

Colorado, United States

North Carolina, United States

Jalisco, Mexico

Santa route Mexico

Home swap in Jalis­co, Mexico

Santiago, Chile

Where he’ll be vis­it­ing: Cosy fam­i­ly home in Chicureo

If you’re thinking about home swapping this Christmas (or even staying with relatives!) make sure your home is Santa-ready by following these simple rules:

  1. Make sure there’s a big, clean chim­ney – San­ta vis­its more than a bil­lion homes,* so it’s impor­tant to make sure the chim­ney is as clear as pos­si­ble so he’ll have no trou­ble get­ting in and out. Don’t have a chim­ney? No prob­lem, sim­ply put your stock­ings in a promi­nent place to help San­ta iden­ti­fy who is home!
  2. Pro­vide him with a park­ing space – Santa’s sleigh has nine rein­deer, and it’s filled to the brim with gifts. A big roof ensures San­ta has some­where to park while deliv­er­ing his presents, or alter­na­tive­ly a dri­ve­way or gar­den is ide­al. Don’t have either of these? Don’t stress! San­ta is very accom­mo­dat­ing, so on-street park­ing will do just fine.
  3. Light up your win­dows – Win­dows pro­vide the per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to string up some lights around the home. In addi­tion to being a fun Christ­mas tra­di­tion, lights will help guide Santa’s sleigh at night, and ensure he can see your house when he arrives. As a bonus, you can leave signs in the win­dows to let him know you’re there.
  4. Leave some treats – San­ta, Rudolph, Comet and the rest of the crew will appre­ci­ate the chance to recharge their bat­ter­ies, so make sure there’s plen­ty of fridge space to store snacks for them. After all, trav­el­ling more than 25 mil­lion miles** in one night is bound to work up an appetite.
  5. Light a can­dle or two – We all know that San­ta loves the North Pole, so make your hol­i­day home smell like his home by light­ing a fern or gin­ger­bread-scent­ed can­dle, and pop it on the mantlepiece.
  6. Don’t for­get Mrs. Claus – As a thank you to Mrs. Claus for her sup­port in mak­ing sure chil­dren all over the world get their presents, help the kids draw her a pic­ture or make an orna­ment that San­ta can take home with him!