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The best beaches in Italy you need to visit
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The best beaches in Italy you need to visit

Ellena Morgan
By Ellena Morgan - 6 minute read

Ever won­dered what (and where) the best beach­es in Italy are? If you’re plan­ning your next Ital­ian get­away, then we’re pleased to report that our mem­bers have homes near many stun­ning sea­side des­ti­na­tions. From bustling beach resorts to peace­ful hid­den coves, there’s a beach hol­i­day for every­one. So read on to see our selec­tion of the best Ital­ian beach­es for the ulti­mate home swap holiday.

Levan­to, Cinque Terre, Liguria 

Unlike its very famous neigh­bours, Levan­to is a rel­a­tive­ly sleepy and qui­et sea­side resort just west of the bustling tourist hub of Cinque Terre, and is often con­sid­ered to be the gate­way to more pop­u­lar resort beach­es – which means you get all the ben­e­fits of a knock­out loca­tion, with­out the hordes of tourists! With incred­i­ble waves year-round, Levan­to Beach is a great des­ti­na­tion for surfers, plus the glo­ri­ous pine forests sur­round­ing the town mean it’s the per­fect beach des­ti­na­tion for hik­ers too. For his­to­ry buffs, you’ll be glad to hear you can soak in the cul­ture in the old town, with beau­ti­ful medieval church­es and build­ings cen­tred around the buzzy town square of Piaz­za del­la Loggia.

Boats parked in the colourful Cove of Levanto, Italy.

Levan­to is a must-vis­it beach if you’re vis­it­ing Cinque Terre

Fos­so­la Beach, Riomaggiore 

With such a wealth of stun­ning beach­es and towns in Cinque Terre, it’s only nat­ur­al for us to include more than one option from the region – and we can con­fi­dent­ly say that this may be one of the best Ital­ian beach­es! Locat­ed in the east­ern-most cor­ner of the Cinque Terre, the famous­ly pop­u­lar town of Riomag­giore offers the best val­ue for mon­ey of all the towns – and it also hap­pens to be home to a love­ly stretch of beach known as La Fos­so­la. The beach itself is rugged and boasts crys­tal clear waters. Made up of steep hill­sides and a peb­bly beach, this small cove is a great spot to enjoy a swim while look­ing up at the colour­ful, pic­turesque town.

Spi­ag­gia di San­sone, Elba, Tuscany 

Locat­ed on the tiny island of Elba off the coast of Tus­cany, this pic­ture-per­fect beach is one of the most pic­turesque stretch­es of coast­line on the island of Elba. It’s a shin­gle beach made up of mini white peb­bles and tiny pieces of the cliff, and it’s a favourite spot for snorkellers due to its crys­tal-clear waters and pletho­ra of rocks, grot­tos and gorges that are rich with sea life. You can eas­i­ly rent sun loungers, but we’d rec­om­mend kayak­ing to the near­by coves to take in a water-side view of the large cliffs than engulf the beach.

Inflatable boats and people walking and sunbathing on a white sand beach on the island of Elba, Tuscany

The island of Elba is home to many stun­ning beaches

Spi­ag­gia di Sabau­dia, Lazio 

Locat­ed around 50 miles from Italy’s cap­i­tal city of Rome, this beach stretch­es for miles and miles. Cov­ered in white sand and framed by sand dunes, it’s the per­fect place to enjoy your own space – some­thing that is often hard to come by in Italy’s famous­ly pop­u­lar, umbrel­la-filled beach­es! In fact, some would say it’s pos­si­bly one of the best beach­es in Italy – and who are we to argue?! The beach itself is rel­a­tive­ly unde­vel­oped, with most of the shops, restau­rants and cafes locat­ed in the heart of the town. Due to its size and expo­sure, the waters can be chop­py with large waves, but it’s still a great spot for enjoy­ing a swim. A word of warn­ing: this beach is incred­i­bly pop­u­lar, so park­ing can be tricky in peak season.

Ton­nara di Scopel­lo, Sicily 

As far as the best Ital­ian beach­es go, Ton­nara di Scopel­lo which is locat­ed on the west­ern side of the island of Sici­ly and is almost too good to be true. Orig­i­nal­ly a tuna fish­ery, this pic­turesque cove is stun­ning with its turquoise waters and his­toric quay­side. Luck­i­ly for intre­pid trav­el-lovers, the beach is also pro­tect­ed as part of the Ris­er­va Nat­u­rale Ori­en­ta­ta Zin­garo, so it will be pre­served for gen­er­a­tions to come.

Bright pink house located on a rocky port leading down the the white sand beach in Sicily, Italy

Ton­nara di Scopel­lo is one of the most pic­turesque beach­es in Sicily

Spi­ag­gia dei Conigli, Lampedusa 

Locat­ed on Italy’s most south­ern island of Lampe­dusa (which is actu­al­ly clos­er to Tunisia than it is to Italy), this leg­endary beach is straight out of a trav­el mag­a­zine. With turquoise waters and an excit­ing array of sea-life (includ­ing log­ger­head tur­tles that lay their eggs here) this beach has retained its beau­ty and won­der­ful wildlife thanks to its pro­tect­ed sta­tus. Although extreme­ly pop­u­lar, the beach is actu­al­ly tricky to get to – so it’s all the more won­der­ful when you even­tu­al­ly arrive! You can either reach it by boat, or if you’re pack­ing light, you can enjoy a 15-minute walk down a trail to reach the soft gold­en sands.

Best beaches in Italy Spiagga dei Conigli Lampedusa min

Spi­ag­gia dei Conigli is locat­ed on the small island of Lampe­dusa, near Tunisia

Spi­ag­gia Rena Bian­ca, Sardinia 

Sar­dinia is home to some of Italy’s best beach­es, but one that seems to trump them all is Spi­ag­gia Rena Bian­ca. Often com­pared to beach­es you’d see in the Caribbean, this beach is swept with white pow­dery sands and crys­tal-clear aqua­ma­rine waters, mak­ing it feel much more trop­i­cal than its Mediter­ranean loca­tion would sug­gest. Locat­ed on the north­ern tip of the island of Sar­dinia, the coast­line is made up of stun­ning gran­ite boul­ders that are sim­ply amaz­ing to witness.

Of course, this is just a gen­tle nod to some of the best beach­es in Italy that you could vis­it – and we know there are plen­ty more that deserve a men­tion! We’ll keep adding to this arti­cle over time, so if you have any rec­om­men­da­tions for the best Ital­ian beach­es (Ital­ian home swap­pers, we’re look­ing at you!) then please do share them with us. Alter­na­tive­ly, if you’re after more water-based inspi­ra­tion, why not check out our blogs on The best beach­es in Spain’ or The best beach­es in the UK’? Or if you’re some­thing of an island-hop­per, then check out our round-up of The best Greek islands to vis­it’. The world is your oyster!