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Top wellness holiday destinations
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Top wellness holiday destinations

Suzie Dalton
By Suzie Dalton - 8 minute read

Accord­ing to research, well­ness tourism (when you go on vaca­tion with the main aim of par­tic­i­pat­ing in well­ness activ­i­ties) is expect­ed to be big busi­ness in the com­ing years, and it’s thought the sec­tor could be worth a stag­ger­ing $1,672.6 bil­lion by 2030

At Love Home Swap, we like to stay ahead of trav­el trends so that we can help you plan the most amaz­ing breaks, so here’s our round-up of some of the best well­ness hol­i­day destinations. 

Boost your happy hormones with a spot of horse-riding in France

Top wellness destinations horse riding in France

Sad­dle up for an excep­tion­al well­ness hol­i­day in France.

Were you aware that horse rid­ing is the num­ber one sport for women in France, and that the French organ­ise the largest num­ber of inter­na­tion­al events each year? Now here’s anoth­er inter­est­ing fact – horse rid­ing is an incred­i­ble work­out for your core mus­cles, while spend­ing time with ani­mals is thought to raise lev­els of the mood-enhanc­ing hor­mone sero­tonin – so horse rid­ing is great for both your mind and your body! 

With the Olympic Games 2024 being host­ed in Paris, it’s fair to assume that inter­est in this nation­al pas­time will con­tin­ue to rise, so there’s nev­er been a bet­ter time to book a horse-rid­ing trip to France. This arti­cle by Euro­tun­nel offers plen­ty of great sug­ges­tions for horse rid­ers of all abilities.

Get bendy with a yoga session in India

Top wellness destinations Yoga in India

India is undoubt­ed­ly one of the best well­ness hol­i­day destinations.

India is the birth­place of yoga, so even the most die-hard yoga fans will find some­thing unique when they com­bine a yoga retreat with a home swap. Of course, there will always be places where you can pop in for a quick class every day – and there’s absolute­ly noth­ing wrong with that – but if you want to see why India is one of the best well­ness hol­i­day des­ti­na­tions, then you should go full throttle. 

Yes, whether you’re a new­com­er to yoga or you’re a pro yogi with a seri­ous lev­el of flex­i­bil­i­ty, then you should con­sid­er treat­ing your­self to a live-in expe­ri­ence, with a home swap at the begin­ning or end of your course so that you can make the most of Indi­an cul­ture while you’re there. You’ll find plen­ty of tempt­ing options all over India, but we like this blogger’s round-up of the best India yoga retreats, which sug­gests des­ti­na­tions from Goa to Kar­nata­ka and Rishikesh. 

Connect with your inner child with a farm stay in England

Top wellness destinations farm stay in UK

Be at one with nature for an incred­i­ble well­ness break in the UK.

For the chance to take a dig­i­tal detox and dis­con­nect from the pres­sures of work and life, then a farm stay should be top of your must-do list. It may sound a lit­tle bit on the hip­py­ish side, but there’s some­thing infi­nite­ly pleas­ing about gath­er­ing up the eggs that will be served for break­fast, feed­ing the ani­mals, or even learn­ing a bushcraft – like mak­ing shel­ters out of felled branches. 

There are sim­ply loads of places that do this well, but Eng­land will always hold our heart for the ulti­mate farm stay expe­ri­ence. Vis­it Eng­land is a great start­ing point for info on this, and they make some love­ly sug­ges­tions for fam­i­ly-friend­ly farm stays in which the kids can bot­tle-feed baby ani­mals, while the adults join yoga ses­sions in the barn. 

Feed your body and your soul with New Zealand’s exceptional culinary scene

Top wellness destinations Food and wine retreat in New Zealand compressed

Well­ness vaca­tions don’t need to be par­tic­u­lar­ly active!

When you imag­ine the best well­be­ing hol­i­day des­ti­na­tions, you very pos­si­bly think of pilates, ram­bling and oth­er equal­ly healthy activ­i­ties. But if you don’t fan­cy being that active, then have you con­sid­ered that well­ness can also revolve around chill­ing out and hav­ing a bit of time to your­self, where you do very little? 

Around the world, there are plen­ty of savvy estate-own­ers who are per­fect­ly equipped to meet this need. We’d sug­gest explor­ing wine-tast­ing or food­ie retreats that offer the chance to reju­ve­nate in front of a crack­ling open fire, while look­ing out over sweep­ing vis­tas. You could indulge your­self in this way in any num­ber of coun­tries, but this winemaker’s tour in New Zealand has us reach­ing for our passports. 

Improve your mental and physical health with a hiking break in Canada

Hiking in Jasper in Canada

Hik­ing amidst Canada’s stun­ning scenery is good for your mind and body.

Did you know that hik­ing is just about the best thing you could do for your emo­tion­al and phys­i­cal health? It’s great for your heart, it con­tributes to build­ing strong mus­cles and bones, and it will help you sleep well – plus research has shown that being in green spaces can reduce depres­sion, anx­i­ety and stress. So where bet­ter to get your hik­ing boots on, than in Cana­da? With the most incred­i­ble walk­ing trails, stun­ning scenery and the friend­liest locals, Cana­da should be on everyone’s buck­et list. This blog on the sur­pris­ing ways hik­ing can improve your men­tal health is a great exam­ple of why Cana­da is one of the best well­ness hol­i­day destinations. 

Enhance your staycation with great online resources

Woman at computer on her bed

Pur­sue your inter­ests while enjoy­ing a love­ly stay­ca­tion home swap.

Fan­cy tak­ing a well­ness course, but not so keen on trav­el­ling too far? Then why not con­sid­er pick­ing a beau­ti­ful home swap in your own coun­try, then sign­ing up for an online course that you can com­plete while you’re there?! Since Covid forced all of us to explore the vir­tu­al world, there are plen­ty of great options avail­able – and some real­ly inter­est­ing takes on the well­ness vibe. For exam­ple, for some peo­ple, well­ness means great food. For oth­ers, it’s about explor­ing your emo­tions. It might even be learn­ing a new skill! Here are just some of our top favourites (but we’d love to extend this list, so do leave your sug­ges­tions in the feed­back tab so that we can share the love):

Enjoy a spa influenced by nature in Germany

Woman at spa in Germany

Germany’s spa offer­ings are stag­ger­ing­ly good for an excep­tion­al well­ness holiday.

With more than 350 health spa towns and resorts – each boast­ing its own unique nat­ur­al rem­e­dy that will ease ail­ments – Ger­many is undoubt­ed­ly one of the best well­be­ing hol­i­day des­ti­na­tions. Depend­ing on what you’re look­ing to heal or soothe will obvi­ous­ly impact on where you choose to go. For exam­ple, the salt­wa­ter caves at Bercht­es­gaden Land are said to be excel­lent for those with skin irri­ta­tions and res­pi­ra­to­ry prob­lems – while Kneip­pen (water-step­ping, in which peo­ple wade through cool water to boost their immune sys­tems, relieve stress and pro­mote bet­ter sleep) was first invent­ed in Bad Wörishofen. 

This blog on the best health spas in Ger­many is a great start­ing point for iden­ti­fy­ing which area you’d like to explore – many of the spa ben­e­fits can be enjoyed as a day trip, though con­sid­er stay­ing for longer to feel like a fit­ter, bet­ter ver­sion of yourself.

Find some inner peace with a meditation retreat in America

Woman meditating at the Grand Canyon in America

Immense­ly beau­ti­ful land­scapes like the Grand Canyon pro­vide the per­fect back­drop for meditation.

Whether you opt for silent med­i­ta­tion or a talk­ing retreat in which you get to grips with how you’re feel­ing, Amer­i­ca is the nat­ur­al solu­tion for a great well­ness vaca­tion. You’ll prob­a­bly want to book your­self into a retreat for sev­er­al days, as peace­ful con­tem­pla­tion is some­thing that’s best not rushed – so make sure you arrange a home swap for imme­di­ate­ly after­wards so that you’ve got some head­space to mull over the pre­vi­ous few days. 

Many med­i­ta­tion retreats offer high-end facil­i­ties such as swim­ming pools and yoga stu­dios, and you’ll very pos­si­bly be offered addi­tion­al options such as a cleans­ing detox and cours­es in writ­ing, gar­den­ing and bird watch­ing. Go with an open mind, and recon­nect with your­self away from mobile phones and com­put­er screens. This arti­cle on the world’s most bliss­ful med­i­ta­tion retreats lists a num­ber of dreamy-sound­ing Amer­i­can getaways. 

Do you with agree with our thoughts on the best well­ness hol­i­day des­ti­na­tions? If there are any spe­cif­ic activ­i­ties or loca­tions you’d like to add to this arti­cle, then we’d be delight­ed to hear from you. Sim­ply leave us a mes­sage in the Feed­back tab, and we’ll update our guide to the top well­be­ing des­ti­na­tions pronto!