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The ultimate guide on how to take great photos of your home

The ultimate guide on how to take great photos of your home

Lydia Altman
By Lydia Altman - 9 minute read

We all know how impor­tant first impres­sions are, and the same goes for your Love Home Swap prop­er­ty list­ing. Pho­tos are what cap­tures oth­er swap­pers’ atten­tion and will make your pro­file tru­ly shine. So whether you’re new to Love Home Swap and you’re build­ing your first prop­er­ty list­ing, or you’re an exist­ing mem­ber and you want to give your pro­file a bit of TLC, we’ve cre­at­ed the ulti­mate guide to tak­ing inspi­ra­tional pho­tos of your home!

How many photos of my home should I take?

When think­ing about how many pho­tos to take, we would say the more the mer­ri­er, but remem­ber that qual­i­ty over quan­ti­ty is also real­ly impor­tant. So if you only have a few great snaps, then there’s no need to also upload some of the pic­tures that didn’t quite work, as this won’t enhance your list­ing! We rec­om­mend aim­ing to include between 15 – 20 good-qual­i­ty pho­tos of your home, as this will real­ly give the oth­er swap­per a true feel for what your home is like.

What kinds of photos should I be taking?

Put your­self in the shoes of some­one who is look­ing at your home – what would you want to see? It doesn’t mat­ter what size or shape your home is, mem­bers will want to see it in all its glo­ry, so don’t hold back! If there are dif­fer­ent angles of a room that show it off to its best advan­tage, you can use mul­ti­ple pho­tos of the same room. The main thing to remem­ber is that you want your pic­tures to show the unique qual­i­ty of your home and demon­strate why it is bet­ter than a rental or a hotel, so let your per­son­al touch­es shine through as this will make your place look more home­ly and desirable.

What size and specifications should my photos be?

Like most web­sites, there are opti­mum sizes and dimen­sions for the pic­tures you upload onto Love Home Swap. 

Require­ments are: 

  • Land­scape images only – our image box is land­scape only, so any por­trait images will be cropped
  • Image size 640365px minimum
  • Aspect ratio is 128:73
  • Files should be less than 5MB in size 

What areas of my home should I include in my photos?

Photography-Guide-Exterior-Image-Photo-Love Home Swap

Exterior of your home

This gives con­text to the type of place you live in. For exam­ple, is your home a detached prop­er­ty in the coun­try­side, or is it with­in an apart­ment block in the city? This will also make it eas­i­er for your guests when they first arrive and they are look­ing for your home!

Photography-Guide-Outdoor-Space-Love Home Swap

Any outdoor spaces you have

Whether you have a bal­cony, a child-friend­ly gar­den or acres of for­est, it’s essen­tial to give your guests an idea of the out­door spaces that your home has. This will help them to visu­alise their stay.

LHS Property Images London 1

Your living room

This is the room where your guests are like­ly to spend most of their time togeth­er, so ensure you have a few pho­tos of your liv­ing room. Show off your big TV or your com­fy sofas, plus how you have dec­o­rat­ed your gor­geous liv­ing space – our mem­bers love to see per­son­al touches.

Photography-Guide-Kitchen-Love Home Swap

Your kitchen

This is a cru­cial one and not a room to skip, as your guests will most like­ly want to cook their own meals. Let’s not for­get that this is one of the key joys of home swap­ping, and future guests will want to see what they might be work­ing with!

Photography-Guide-Bedroom-Love Home Swap

At least one bedroom

Depend­ing on the size of your home, it is impor­tant to have at least one pho­to of a bed­room, with the pri­or­i­ty being the mas­ter. If you also have child-friend­ly bed­rooms that fea­ture play areas, cribs or bunkbeds, it’s def­i­nite­ly worth includ­ing images of these too.

Photography-Guide-Bathroom-Love Home Swap

At least one bathroom

Again, your bath­room may not seem like the key sell­ing point of your home, but it will def­i­nite­ly be impor­tant to your poten­tial guests. Show what fea­tures are includ­ed, and let peo­ple see whether you have a show­er and/​or bath, plus whether the WC is in the same room.

Photography-Guide-Practical-Stuff-Love Home Swap

The surrounding neighbourhood

The area sur­round­ing your home can be just as cru­cial as your place itself, so don’t for­get to include a few images of any local sights such as love­ly parks and great shop­ping streets – just make sure you have per­mis­sion to use these images, or take your own.

Photography-Guide-Views-Love Home Swap

Views from your home

Many home swap­pers love to wake up to a dif­fer­ent view and a change of scenery. So if you hap­pen to have a stun­ning view of rolling fields or the glis­ten­ing ocean, then def­i­nite­ly include a pho­to of this, as this could be a major sell­ing point!

Photography-Guide-Unique-Elements-Love Home Swap

Unique elements

What makes your home spe­cial? Do you have any stand-out fea­tures that would make guests excit­ed for their stay? Per­haps it’s offer­ing up bikes and kayaks to bor­row, a pool, a hot tub or ten­nis courts. If you are lucky enough to have a hot tub, swim­ming pool, cin­e­ma room, gym or ten­nis court – or any­thing else that is spe­cial or a bit dif­fer­ent – then this is your oppor­tu­ni­ty to show it off, as this will inevitably be a huge sell­ing point on your home listing.

What to consider when taking photos of your home

Photography-Guide-Kitchen-Love Home Swap

Capture the details

Home swap­pers love to stay in homes that have a real char­ac­ter to them, so ensure you show­case the ele­ments that make your home dif­fer­ent from a rental or a hotel. This may be a colour­ful work of art or your favourite Per­sian rug. Just remem­ber these should be in con­text to the room that you are pho­tograph­ing, rather than a close-up of the rug or piece of art, as while this may make sense to you, it may be a lit­tle con­fus­ing for poten­tial guests.

Photography-Guide-Practical-Stuff-Love Home Swap

Showcase the practical stuff

Cap­ture how acces­si­ble your home is, as this will be impor­tant for cer­tain home swap­pers. This is espe­cial­ly true for young fam­i­lies or those with lim­it­ed mobil­i­ty. Wide door­ways, ramps, stair­cas­es and slopes are all impor­tant to include pho­tos of. For fam­i­lies, if you have cribs, high­chairs, toys or even a local play­ground, these are all great ele­ments to showcase.

Photography-Guide-Unique-Elements-Love Home Swap

Time of day

You will want to con­sid­er using the best light­ing for your pho­tos. It’s not a great idea to take your pho­tos in the evening, as night-time shots are like­ly to either be too dark, while harsh over­head light­ing won’t show your home to best effect. Aim to take your pho­tos dur­ing the ear­ly morn­ing hours or late after­noon when the light is best.

How to take photos of your property like a pro

Pho­tos should be land­scape, not portrait

Ide­al­ly your pho­tos should be tak­en land­scape and not in por­trait, as por­trait images will be cropped. If all of your pho­tos are land­scape, this cre­ates a more even flow on the site, and your list­ing will look even more appeal­ing and polished.

Top tip: Turn your phone or cam­era as if you were watch­ing a film or video, and shoot your pho­tos like this.

Take photos like a pro Landscape Love Home Swap

Pho­tos should not be blur­ry, stretched or distorted 

You need to take clear images, as if they ae blur­ry, it will affect the over­all qual­i­ty of your home listing.

Top tip: On your phone cam­era, tap the screen to allow the cam­era to focus on its main subject.

Take photos like a pro Blurry Love Home Swap

Pho­tos should be well lit and not too dark

Clear­er and brighter images make it much eas­i­er to see what a room looks like — plus, they’ll bring your home to life!

Top tip: Try to take your pho­tos on a sun­ny day, with nat­ur­al light, or even at gold­en hour’, which is short­ly after sun­rise or before sun­set! If you are tak­ing pho­tos in the evening, use lamps rather than over­head light­ing, as this can be too harsh. If it’s still too dark, refrain from using the flash, instead using a mix­ture of over­head light­ing and lamps, so you still have a cosy feel. You can enhance the bright­ness of any pho­to by using your phone’s edit’ feature.

Take photos like a pro Lighting Love Home Swap

Pho­tos should be in nat­ur­al colour, not black and white or filtered 

Aim to take pho­tos in their nat­ur­al light and try to refrain from adding any fil­ters, as guests want to see your home in all its unedit­ed splendour!

Take photos like a pro Filters Love Home Swap

Pho­tos should not be screen­shots from oth­er sites

Try to use orig­i­nal pho­tographs rather than screen­shots from oth­er web­sites or your Insta­gram account, as this will dimin­ish the qual­i­ty of your home listing.

Take photos like a pro Original photos Love Home Swap

Pho­tos should be cap­tured from all angles and heights

You can take mul­ti­ple pho­tos of one room from dif­fer­ent angles, as dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives may show it off in dif­fer­ent lights, and give guests a clear­er idea of the space.

Top tip: The best way to do this is to take pic­tures from dif­fer­ent cor­ners of the room, and choose the cor­ners that show the room in its best light. Also, try get­ting low, as tak­ing a pho­to from a low­er per­spec­tive can show off ceil­ing-to-floor details. For the ide­al shot, sim­ply aim to be about four to four-and-a-half feet off the floor.

Take photos like a pro Angles Love Home Swap