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Breath-taking views you need to wake up to

Published in Homes We Love - January 24, 2018

Looking for a change of scene? When it comes to holidays, everybody has their our own personal checklist.  Pool? Tick. Wifi? Absolutely. But when it comes to having a great view to wake up to, it’s often considered a luxury just a touch too expensive to accommodate.

Here's a question; what if you could get it all for free? The chance to wake up in an entire home or apartment that's all yours for the week, complete with an outstanding view. To show you it’s possible, we’ve put together some of our favourite views from the homes of some of love Home Swap's very own members. Whether it’s waking up amongst nature, a spectacular sunrise, or views of the whole city from the comfort of your bed. We’ve collected the best views for you to swap with.

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