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Whether it's your first swap or your fiftieth, sometimes in all the excitement we can forget the details which make our trips not only seamless, but unforgettable. With this in mind, we've compiled our comprehensive pre-swap checklist, so next time you hit the airport, you won't be hit with panic.

LHS Guide: Perfecting Points

Published in How to Home Swap

Points are Love Home Swap's unique offering to home swap, allowing you to travel more flexibly while still saving thousands on the cost of accommodation around the world. To give you a better idea of the power of points, we've summarised what you need to know about the points system.

Member Story - Dan's top 5 tips for happy travels

Published in How to Home Swap

Wondering how some members are so successful in planning trips? What's their secret to finding interesting holidays in stylish homes? Dan Prince and his family have completed multiple swaps in their first year. Here are his top tips for getting the most from the club.

Improving your profile and property listing

Published in How to Home Swap

A club members' personal profile and property listing showcases your home and tells others why they would enjoy travelling to your part of the world. By making your listing stand out on site you'll get the most from your membership and enjoy more opportunities to travel. Take a look at our simple...

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