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Improving your profile and property listing

Published in How to Home Swap

A club members' personal profile and property listing showcases your home and tells others why they would enjoy travelling to your part of the world. By making your listing stand out on site you'll get the most from your membership and enjoy more opportunities to travel. Take a look at our simple...

Preparing for guests - your basic guide

Published in How to Home Swap

Wondering what to do when you have someone coming to your home? Preparing for another member's visit shouldn't be a daunting task, nor should it distract from your own holiday preparations. But there are a few important things to consider.

Using Points to book more trips

Published in How to Home Swap

We've had thousands of members planning trips with our new Points system already and have had some great feedback. It's a really simple service to use and a great way to make the most of your home to pay for your next holiday. Here's an overview of how Points work, and how you can make the most...

Renting out your home

Published in How to Home Swap

Our members have the unique benefit of three ways to travel within the club - Swap, Points or Rent. Holiday rentals are becoming more popular with our members who enjoy the added sense of community within the club, whether booking a home for a holiday or renting out their properties. We've put...

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