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A new year comes new travel opportunities, but where to start? We’ve looked beyond standard favourite destinations and looked deeper into what the hot travel trends are occurring in 2019.

Micro Trips

In 2019 it’s looking like the shorter the trip, the better. It seems like the 2 week summer holiday is a thing of the past, with 53% of the world’s global travellers report that they plan to take more weekend trips in 2019 meaning shorter holidays, but more frequent.

This becomes more possible with improved flight routes, comparison sites for cheap flights, as well as hotel alternatives like homeswapping to save on accommodation. If timed well, you can also save extend your holidays that much further by taking off time around Public Holidays. Win win. 

Nice, France as well as other major European destinations are perfect for weekends away


Flexible family travel

An increasing number of families are shunning the normal conventions of the 9-5 living and taking longer, more adventurous trips. Instead of your average seven days in the South of Spain, families are now opting for longer, more exotic destinations like jungle homes in Chang Mai, Thailand to login cabins in the mountains in Otago, New Zealand.

Our members and 50-time home swappers The Prince family are prime examples of what is possible for modern day families. The family have been members with Love Home Swap since 2014, and since then have travelled using their vacation home in Koh Samui having swapped for London, UAE, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, The Blue Ridge Mountains, and much more. 

By 2020 it’s estimated that roughly half the UK and American workforce will be freelance, so it’s no surprise that parents will be embracing the freedom this gives. However if currently in 2019 you make up the unlucky other half and that 8 week holidays a year seems very out of reach, then mixing weekends away using home swapping can be a great way to see more places with kids.

Families are now vacationing for longer and to more exotic destinations due to flexible working 


Conscious travel

The internet has helped us become more informed and educated than ever. With this wider awareness means holiday makers are more likely to research and be more selective with their holidays. Almost half of travellers told that they feel social issues in possible travel destinations are of real importance when choosing where to go. Meanwhile, over half choose not to go to a destination if they feel it will negatively impact the people who live there.

But it’s not just environmental issues, discrimination issues such as ethnicity, sexual orientations and gender also play a part when holiday makers choose where to travel. Services like Destination Pride help provide resources for travellers to make informed decisions about where is safest is travel by marketing destinations on their LGBTQ+ friendliness as well as gender rights.  

Pride parades, like this one in New York City, attract hundreds of tourists each year wanting to celebrate


Educational trips

An incredible 56% of global travellers agree travelling has taught them invaluable life skills, and 2019 won’t be the year that this demand ends. Skills-based holidays, (or ‘ed-ventures’ as they’re also known) and volunteering are on the rise – with more people going on holiday for more than just some down time and a tan.

Trips with a purpose will become more popular in 2019, with 68% of global travellers considering taking part in cultural exchanges to learn a new skill, followed by a volunteering trip (54%) and international work placements (58%).

Work placements like working in agriculture are becoming increasingly popular


Authentic Holidays

Almost two thirds of travellers valuing experiences over material possessions. This can be seen in the activities that holiday makers are doing whilst on their trips, to the homes that they stay in.  One side of this is the move towards more authentic holiday accommodation.

More tourists are using sharing accommodation services than ever before, opting to stay in real homes in neighbourhoods over hotels in city centres. From this, tourists are now gaining insight into the local area and what to do whilst on their trip from their hosts, not travel agents or travel guides. Home swapping is a way to do this in a way that is more economical than rental services, and lets you speak directly with the homeowners to discuss everything from the best coffee spots to the best attractions.

Holiday makers are now seeking more authentic holiday experiences than previously

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