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Fancy spending a night in a castle or a historic schoolhouse? Or perhaps you’d like to be close to a mysterious forest or a haunted village? Then take a look at our favourite Halloween-inspired homes, and trick-or-treat yourself to a devilishly delicious getaway!

These homes score high on the spooky scale with scary intensity, boasting anything from stained glass windows, to goosebump-inducing locations by time-worn graveyards and looming forests. Even though the homeowners have yet to confirm any ghost sightings or dramatic drops in temperature, their homes provide the perfect backdrop for Halloween-lovers. 


But before we get started, here's our big spooky disclaimer: We've obviously been very naughty (devilish even) and we've added a little filter to these gorgeous, not-at-all scary homes to make them look spook-tactular. Trick-or-treating has clearly gone to our pumpkin heads. Simply click through to the full property listings to see how wonderful these homes are every other day of the year! Confession over... now then, back to the spooky theme! 


500-Year-Old Castle - Scotland

Spooky halloween holidays Scottish castle

Hidden in the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Forest lies Duchray Castle, which is half a century old. With a turbulent background, this remotely-located, historic structure was once reduced to ruins and has survived multiple fires over its lifetime.

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Medieval Hall House - Kent

Spooky halloween holidays Converted medieval hall house

This timber-framed house dates back to the 1480s and is set in the Kent countryside. It is only a twenty-minute drive to the village of Pluckley, which is reputed to be the most haunted village in the UK, with twelve resident ghosts!

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Converted Medieval Church - Suffolk

Spooky halloween holidays Converted medieval church

Designed with stained glass windows and wooden beams, this 1000-year-old Medieval church in rural Suffolk offers an acre of private garden and gravestones right on your doorstep.

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Historic School House - Northern Ireland

Spooky halloween holidays historic school house

From Carrie's terrifying prom attack (1976) to The Sixth Sense’s (1999) ghost hanging scene in the gym hall, schools have often been the focal point for horror movies. Fan of these types of films? Then challenge yourself to watching the scariest movies while staying in this 1840’s ex-school, turned holiday home. 

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Dracula’s Neighbour - Transylvania

Spooky halloween holidays Dracular's neighbour

Get your garlic clove necklace at the ready as you enter Transylvania. Don’t be fooled by the tranquillity of this pretty mountain village, as Dracula is said to lurk in his castle only 15 minutes away. Marvel over the dramatic mountain views from the terrace… but only in daylight!

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Canal-Side Apartment – Venice

Spooky halloween holidays canalside apartment

Venice is customarily thought of as a romantic holiday destination, but the twisting alleys and dense fogs that envelop the tightly-packed buildings can certainly feel eerie! Fans of the Venice-based horror movie Don’t Look Now might even get a glimpse of the mysterious red figure lurking in the shadows...

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