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A great week for Love Home Swap

Published in News - July 20, 2015

Any of you who occasionally visit our Press Section will know, we have a busy PR team here at Love Home Swap, working hard to spread the word of Home Swap and attract more swappers for you to holiday with. The last week has been especially exciting and we wanted to share our success with you.

The Metro

Our hat-trick of high-end successes started on Tuesday, with a feature in the London Metro. They spoke to our super-star-swapper Simon Woodroffe and did a feature on his fabulous House Boat in Kensington, London. If you'd like to swap with him, check out his listing here.


If you caught last Thursday's Tonight: Rent-Your-Life you might have recognised our wonderful CEO Debbie Wosskow, who paid a visit to the Matthews to show them how lucrative the sharing economy could be for them. To read more about the show you can check out the show's page here or to watch in full, head to the ITV Player.

The Sunday Times

Yesterday we received a three-page spread in the Home section of one of the UK's most prestigious newspapers, The Sunday Times. The article, titled 'Home: Your place or mine?', focused on the dating-site-esque aspects of home swapping and using the power of your home to attract a really great holiday. It also included some great tips on the dos and don'ts of home swap, which you can read online now (with a valid Times subscription).

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