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What a year it’s been! Before we say goodbye to another tough year, we want to take a moment to look back on what we’ve achieved over the last 12 months and celebrate how far we’ve come despite the many turbulent times 2021 has thrown at us. We hate to be boastful – but we’re pretty proud of what our team have produced for our amazing community of home swappers. And we’re even more proud of our members. Despite the challenges we’ve faced, our lovely members have found ways to travel, share their homes and build exciting plans for the future. You’re all amazing.  


In fact, we’ll leave it to our MD Célia Pronto to sum up just how much we value each and every one of you.  


What we’ve been up to in 2021 


We’re award winners! 

We won two glorious awards acknowledging that we’re the best home swapping platform! We scooped ‘The Best Home Exchange Platform’ in ShortTermRentalz’s The Shortyz Awards, and the ‘World’s Best Home Exchange Platform’ in the World Travel Tech Awards. Thanks to everyone who voted for us.   


We celebrated our 10th birthday  

And what better way to do this than with a record-breaking cake made by Great British Bake Off winner and baking legend Rahul Mandal? The five-tier cake was made up of over 100 ingredients to represent the 100 countries our members have homes in.  


We helped our members get organised 

We know how important it is to reply and keep track of your messages (because quick responses mean even more home swaps!) So we created ‘Discussion Folders’ to help you stay on top of your swap requests and categorise your messages by trip, country, event, swap type – or whatever you fancy! 


We’ve improved our Response Rates  

Replying to swap requests as quickly as possible is important for our members (even if it’s a ‘sorry, but I can’t host you in my home this time’.) So we updated our Response Rates to encourage members to respond to all of their messages quickly - the initial results have been great, as we’ve seen more members responding swiftly to their swap requests.  


We created a fantastic new Ambassador scheme 

When it comes to building trust when home swapping, the warmth and knowledge of our community is everything. So we introduced a brand-new Ambassador scheme to encourage our most experienced and active home swappers to share their expertise with the rest of the community. 


We’ve created more ways to get in touch with us 

With travel being so turbulent this last year, communication is essential. So we made it easier than ever to get in touch with us. You can now arrange a convenient time to chat using our booking system, or you can book a video call with us via Zoom. Or you can even request a bespoke travel plan from our friendly Customer Care team! 


We’ve improved our website experience  

We want you to enjoy using our site, so we’ve implemented lots of clever measures that will make your experience better. This includes revamping our search experience to include a new search filter system, improved property display, and an all-round better mobile experience. 


We've created loads of content for our members  

We’ve upped the ante with the content we’re sharing. Whether you're after destination guides, fun travel articles or inspiring member stories, you can find plenty of inspiration here.  


We’ve grown our community  

We’ve continued welcoming new members to our community, meaning more travel opportunities for everyone.  


We’re so thankful that you’ve chosen to join us on this journey. We feel quietly optimistic and hopeful for what 2022 has to offer, and cannot wait to help you secure your next unforgettable travel experience.  

And don’t forget that if you’d like to share your home swap story with us, please get in touch for the chance to be featured – we'd love to share your travel memories or knowledge with our fantastic community.  


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