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American members: book a trip to London, and we’ll provide you with a butler!

American members: book a trip to London, and we’ll provide you with a butler!

Suzie Dalton
By Suzie Dalton - 7 minute read

We’ve got some excit­ing news for both our Amer­i­can and our Lon­don members!

After a cou­ple of years of tough trav­el restric­tions, we’re so hap­py to see our com­mu­ni­ty trav­el­ling again – so we thought we’d pro­vide a help­ing hand in get­ting even more mem­bers onto a plane and into an excit­ing home swap. Which got our brains ticking. 

We’re about to cel­e­brate the Queen’s Plat­inum Jubilee which marks her 70th year on the throne… and our Amer­i­can mem­bers have always loved trav­el­ling to Lon­don to absorb the roy­al lifestyle. From vis­it­ing Buck­ing­ham Palace to enjoy­ing an ele­gant after­noon tea in one of London’s many restau­rants, it’s fun to see this gor­geous city through the eyes of a prince or princess (or queen!) Mean­while, our Lon­don mem­bers have sim­ply loads of stun­ning home swap prop­er­ties that are with­in walk­ing dis­tance of the palace, the roy­al parks and the roy­al family’s favourite the­atres and eating-establishments. 

Live like a royal with Love Home Swap butler on doorstep compressed image

Now, thanks to our new home swap­ping pro­mo­tion, Amer­i­can mem­bers can exchange their homes for a lux­u­ri­ous Lon­don prop­er­ty, for the chance to have their very own roy­al-inspired but­ler service

We want to help our Lon­don-based mem­bers receive more home swap requests (for both Points and Clas­sic Swaps), so we’re going to offer our Amer­i­can mem­bers who are vis­it­ing Lon­don the chance to secure the ser­vice of a but­ler for a few hours of their stay – and in doing so, they can expe­ri­ence what it’s like to live like a royal!

Bathtub in South London home compressed

Stay in a gor­geous Lon­don prop­er­ty, like this beau­ti­ful Vic­to­ri­an fam­i­ly home.

The details

Eli­gi­ble for book­ing between May 5th 2022 and June 5th 2022 (with a trav­el peri­od of May 5th 2022 through to August 5th 2022), the first 20 Amer­i­can mem­bers who suc­cess­ful­ly arrange and stay at a home swap in Lon­don will be eli­gi­ble to have a but­ler vis­it them in their home swap prop­er­ty, so that they can expe­ri­ence a tru­ly roy­al lifestyle. 

Fur­ther­more, the first 5 mem­bers to con­firm and stay at their home swap in Lon­don will also receive a free lux­u­ry after­noon tea for two, served by their but­ler at home’.

The nitty gritty of this promotion

Work­ing in part­ner­ship with a renowned Lon­don-based but­ler ser­vice, Love Home Swap will cov­er the cost of five hours of pro­fes­sion­al but­ler ser­vice for the first 20 eli­gi­ble Amer­i­can mem­bers (plus a lux­u­ri­ous after­noon tea for the first 5 mem­bers to con­firm their swaps), so there will be no cost to our mem­bers. If you weren’t among the first 5 mem­bers to arrange a swap as part of this pro­mo­tion, you may also add-on a full after­noon tea ser­vice – includ­ing tea, scones, clot­ted cream and fin­ger sand­wich­es – for an out-of-pock­et fee.

Kitchen London home swap property compressed

Your but­ler could serve pre-din­ner drinks in a home like this gor­geous Lon­don property.

What will the butlers do?

What the but­lers can specif­i­cal­ly pro­vide to our mem­bers is a deeply indul­gent expe­ri­ence! They will help trav­ellers unpack, serve wel­come drinks, turn-down the bed­rooms, serve after­noon tea or even appe­tiz­ers before dinner. 

In the words of the com­pa­ny who are pro­vid­ing these butlers:

Our but­lers instinc­tive­ly know what to do and how to act in every sit­u­a­tion. Invis­i­ble but always avail­able, they know how to meet and greet and when to dis­ap­pear. They are nev­er flus­tered and, as such, they are invalu­able to the host of a social event. A but­ler takes care of the detail, leav­ing you free to socialise. They will serve drinks, canapés and din­ner exact­ly when they’re need­ed. But­lers are recog­nised as some­thing that is quin­tes­sen­tial­ly British. A trust­ed but­ler is some­one who antic­i­pates every­thing and over­looks noth­ing, to make your occa­sion the best it can be.”

The specifics of how you could live like a royal!

If you are one of our Lon­don members:

Sim­ply sit back and enjoy the pos­si­bil­i­ty of an increase in inter­est in your home. If you are con­tact­ed by an Amer­i­can mem­ber and you can host them between May 5th 2022 and August 5th 2022, then go ahead and agree to the swap. 

If you are one of our Amer­i­can members:

Start plan­ning your trip to Lon­don! Use the search fil­ters on our plat­form to nar­row your search down to prop­er­ties in Lon­don, then start mes­sag­ing mem­bers to arrange a swap. To be eli­gi­ble for the reward, you must book your swap between May 5th 2022 and June 5th 2022. You must then begin your swap in Lon­don between May 5th 2022 and August 5th 2022.

Next steps:

Once you have agreed the swap on our plat­form, email us on butler@​lovehomeswap.​com (with the addi­tion­al details men­tioned below) and we will get straight back to you to con­firm if you’re one of the first 20 mem­bers to take part in this ini­tia­tive. If you are, we’ll make the arrange­ments for the but­ler to vis­it you at your home swap. And if you’re one of the first 5 mem­bers to book your swap, you’ll also receive the com­pli­men­ta­ry lux­u­ry after­noon tea!

To be eli­gi­ble for the com­pli­men­ta­ry butler:

The Amer­i­can mem­ber must email butler@​lovehomeswap.​com to con­firm the details of the agreed home swap. In this mes­sage, you must include:

  • The name in which you are reg­is­tered with Love Home Swap.
  • The email address you have reg­is­tered with Love Home Swap.
  • A link to your prop­er­ty in Amer­i­ca that you have list­ed with Love Home Swap.
  • A link to the Lon­don prop­er­ty that you have agreed to stay in. This home list­ing must be with Love Home Swap and booked via the Love Home Swap platform.
  • The dates you have agreed to stay in the Lon­don property.

Just as a reminder, the book­ing peri­od is May 5 2022 – June 5 2022. The trav­el peri­od is May 5 2022 – August 5 2022

The last few details

If you don’t have a Lon­don or an Amer­i­can property:

Unfor­tu­nate­ly you can’t take part in this ini­tia­tive, but get in touch and let us know where your home is, and we’d be delight­ed to look at some great ideas for your region too. To share your thoughts, ping us a mes­sage on marketing@​lovehomeswap.​com

If you are not cur­rent­ly a mem­ber of Love Home Swap:

If you have a home that you would like to swap in Amer­i­ca and you sign up to a paid mem­ber­ship now, you can take part in this ini­tia­tive! Sim­ply agree to an eli­gi­ble swap in Lon­don dur­ing the book­ing peri­od (May 5 2022 – June 5 2022) and make sure you com­plete the swap in the trav­el peri­od (May 5 2022 – August 5 2022). If you’re one of the first 20 mem­bers to arrange and stay in an eli­gi­ble home swap dur­ing this pro­mo­tion, we’ll arrange for you to have access to a but­ler at your cho­sen home swap locat­ed in Lon­don. To join us, sim­ply click here.

Are there any Terms and Con­di­tions for this promotion? 

The full Terms and Con­di­tions of this excit­ing ini­tia­tive can be found here.

Have fun search­ing for a great home swap in London!