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Bake a showstopping Christmas cake!

Bake a showstopping Christmas cake!

Suzie Dalton
By Suzie Dalton - 5 minute read

Need a Christ­mas cake recipe, but fan­cy try­ing your hand at some­thing a lit­tle more impres­sive this year? Celebri­ty chef Rahul has cre­at­ed a num­ber of gor­geous recipes for us, and we think they’d be per­fect for a show­stop­ping Christ­mas cake. 

Back in 2021, we were excit­ed­ly cel­e­brat­ing ten years of Love Home Swap. Hot on the heels of a pan­dem­ic, we were des­per­ate to start trav­el­ling again and to acknowl­edge our love for each of the 100 coun­tries that our mem­bers have homes in, so we asked Great British Bake Off win­ner (and fan favourite) Rahul Man­dal to make us a tru­ly whop­ping show­stop­per cake. And so cre­ative genius Rahul put his think­ing cap on, and came up with the world’s first 100-ingre­di­ent cake. With each ingre­di­ent sourced from one of the 100 coun­tries that our mem­bers have homes in, the cake was an exot­ic and delight­ful tri­umph – and it tast­ed every bit as good as it looked! 

Rahul with cake

Rahul’s epic cake was more than 1 metre in height!

Now as we’re gear­ing up to cel­e­brate Christ­mas, we’re turn­ing our atten­tion to the small but vital details that make the fes­tive sea­son so impor­tant. From Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions to care­ful­ly-con­sid­ered gifts, it’s the lit­tle details that ele­vate the sea­son. And let’s not for­get the food! From hunt­ing for sil­ver coins in Christ­mas pud­ding in the UK, through to eat­ing carp on Christ­mas Eve in Slo­va­kia, there are a whole host of bizarre Christ­mas tra­di­tions around the world (dis­claimer: we think they’re all bril­liant!) But more specif­i­cal­ly, we’re think­ing about the incred­i­ble Christ­mas cake options that will be served in our mem­bers’ homes. In Japan this will be a straw­ber­ry short­cake, while in Ger­many, a stollen (fruit­cake with marzi­pan) is on most tables.

But that brings us to the real ques­tion — what if you don’t fan­cy stick­ing with tra­di­tion, and you’d like to try some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent? Fret not home swap­pers, because we’re here to help! 

Christmas cake

Dec­o­rate your cake to your per­son­al tastes — a few gin­ger­bread stars look great!

At Love Home Swap, we like to shake things up a lit­tle. So rather than bak­ing what­ev­er is tra­di­tion­al to your home coun­try, why don’t you try out one of the incred­i­ble cake recipes that Rahul craft­ed just for us?! 

There are five gor­geous options that would make for an incred­i­ble Christ­mas cake – just dec­o­rate your cho­sen cake with fon­dant icing, a deca­dent but­ter­cream, or a few delec­table gin­ger­bread stars. What­ev­er you choose, it’s bound to be amaz­ing. Just fol­low Rahul’s recipes step-by-step, and check out his top tips at the end of this article. 

Christmas cake decorations

Get cre­ative with how you dec­o­rate your cake!

Rahul’s top five tips for a show­stop­ping cake:

  1. Whether your cake includes 100 ingre­di­ents or just five, if you’re an ama­teur bak­er, always fol­low the recipe – they are tried-and-test­ed, so don’t go rogue!
  2. Always mea­sure the ingre­di­ents out prop­er­ly and mix them togeth­er well. Bak­ing is more sci­ence than art.
  3. Don’t use too much rais­ing agent as your cake will end up ris­ing too quick­ly in the oven and then fall flat in the middle.
  4. Make sure you know your oven well. Each oven will like­ly have hot spots which can ruin the bake if you’re not care­ful with mon­i­tor­ing the heat.
  5. Be patient. If some­thing doesn’t work, think about what you could do dif­fer­ent­ly and try it again – you’ll get there!

Think­ing of try­ing your hand at one of these deli­cious recipes? Then don’t for­get to tag us with the results of your hard work on our social media chan­nels! Use #welove­home­swap so that we can like your pics.