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BBC1 Home Swapping series starts today

Published in News - September 29, 2014

'Home Away From Home' hosted by Gloria Hunniford runs from 29th September for three weeks as 1 in 4 Brits say they're interested in home swapping for holidays. The shows picks up on what promises to be Autumn's hottest travel trend.

We were thrilled to hear that the BBC were putting together a home swapping series, as we have thousands of homes in Britain already part of the club at Love Home Swap. With more than half of the UK population (55%) expressing concerns about being able to afford a holiday, home swapping is one trend that is really striking a chord with would-be holidaymakers. 'Home Away From Home' is evidence of how popular home swapping has become over the past 12 months.

The show is inspired by the latest holiday trend for staying in homes instead of checking into hotels or B&Bs. Two couples agree to take part in a house swap, unaware of whom they are swapping with and where they are going. On their return home the couples get to see just who's been staying in their home and more importantly, what they thought of it.

A key factor in the rising popularity of home swapping is cost saving, with 61% of British home swappers citing savings on accommodation as the main reason for choosing a home exchange over a hotel stay. Authenticity is the other main attraction, with 20% of Brits saying that they would choose not to stay in a hotel because they are looking for a more 'local travel experience'.

Love Home Swap has been encouraging our British members to get involved in the show, being the largest home exchange club. Founder Debbie Wosskow commented: "Our members save an average of £2,200 per home swap, so I'm not surprised that home exchange is capturing the public imagination as holidaymakers look to travel more and spend less throughout the year. I'm excited to see 'Home Away From Home' run on the BBC - it really goes to show how popular the trend is becoming both here in the UK and around the world."

'Home Away From Home' runs on BBC1 from 3.45pm daily for three weeks starting from Monday 29th September.


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