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We have three membership levels at Love Home Swap and each have their own specific benefits to suit you and what you'd like from your membership. You also have the option to upgrade during your membership to make the most of the club.

Lite Membership

Our lite package, giving you unlimited messaging with other members through our secure system and allowing you to book as many trips and holidays as you'd like.

Standard Membership - includes Lite benefits

Our best-value standard membership lets you see who's shortlisted your home,and allows you to list more than one home at no additional price. 

Standard members also receive four airport lounge passes per year and our experienced travel team will be happy to offer you advice and assistance.

You'll also benefit from additional on-site options, such as complimentary identity verification, giving you an added level of trust within the club.


Platinum Membership - includes Lite and Standard benefits

Our top membership saves you time and effort by giving you the highest chance of receiving enquiries as you'll appear above Lite and Standard members in seach results. 

Platinum members also receive four airport lounge passes per year and our team will be happy to offer you advice and swapping assistance through our Holiday Planning Assistance feature - saving you time on-site.

Find out more about upgrading

If you'd like to find out about upgrading your membership to save time and take advantage of our membership benefits please get in touch with us today to chat through your options and help get your next trip booked. And be sure to ask about our early upgrade offer!

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