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Tired of staring at the same four walls each day? Us too. So let’s do something about it...  

As many of us remain largely stuck indoors, we’re more excited than ever about future travel possibilities. We want to ignite a sense of wanderlust by letting our members get a glimpse of one another’s homes from across the world – which is why we're launching our new campaign ‘Wall in Love’. This community-led website will connect homeowners by swapping views, even when they’re physically apart, and we want you to be part of it.  

It’s a purely visual concept, with the capacity to inspire future travel plans (and we never need an excuse to start planning our next adventure). Simply put, we want Love Home Swap members to send in photos of their interesting walls, to help create our very own gallery of equally interesting walls.  

Mosaic or floral, dramatic or minimalist – we want to see it all. Your home doesn’t have to be huge or luxurious to take part – simply full of character and somewhere you’d like to share with other members of Love Home Swap.  

Then whilst on the site, you’ll be able to flick through the various views from other Love Home Swap properties, and if you like the look of one of the walls, you can click through to take a peek at the rest of the property. So easy, so inspiring... and so much fun.   


Get involved! 

Submitting your lockdown view is simple. Here’s how to do it: 

Step 1: Read the image requirements below 

Step 2: Take a photo of your gorgeous wall 

Step 3: Click this link to submit your details and your photo 

Step 4: Hit ‘Submit my view’ to confirm your entry


Submit your ‘Wall in Love’ lockdown view



A guide to taking your photos: 

We want your home to look amazing on our Wall in Love, so take a look at the suggestions below, then get snap happy.  

- Remove any clutter or mess from the shot. Electronic cables, dirty dishes and your paperwork don’t have a place in your masterpiece.  

- Stage your photo and add character by including decorative pieces such as vases, artwork and plants. 

- Take a horizontal photo (also known as landscape). 

- Ensure all four corners of the wall (or the majority of the wall) fits into the camera frame. 

- Make sure your image fits beautifully into our gallery by shooting your pictures straight on and not at an angle, keeping your device parallel to the wall. 

- Sunrise, sunset or anytime in-between – just make sure you capture your wall in the best possible lighting (whenever that may be).   

- Eliminate that nasty glare by disabling your flash and using natural lighting. 

- Enable the Auto HDR function within your camera app if possible. This uses multiple exposures to get more focus on the highlights and shadows of your photograph. In other words, it makes your picture look like it was taken by a pro.  

- Avoid using the zoom function on your camera. Want a closer shot? Then move towards the wall. 

- Upload your photo in the box titled ‘Upload your photo’. You can include multiple photos in here if you’re not sure which one to choose.  


Please make sure your image meets these requirements: 

Image size: 1920 x 1080 pixels  

File type: JPG file   

Resolution: 150 or higher  


Ready to go? Submit your ‘Wall in Love’ lockdown view for the chance to feature. 

Got questions? Get in touch for more help. 


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