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Since July this year, we at Love Home Swap have been helping the charity ‘Brick by Brick’, a London-based charity that provides accommodation for the homeless on a semi-permanent and permanent basis.

The aim of the charity is to help homeless people who have become “nearly invisible to the eyes of society”. This includes people living in hostels, hotels, non- secure accommodations and unhealthy conditions, or even on the streets - all of whom are in need of a decent and secure place they can call home. Something that is unique to 'Brick by Brick' is that individuals can self-refer to the charity for help, instead of going through a lengthy application process.

We decided to choose ‘Brick by Brick’ as a charity as they are relatively small, which means the money we raise for them is felt massively and will benefit them greatly. The work they are doing is helping those that often do not receive as much support from the government, as they are not considered as ‘high risk homelessness’. In an age over ever increasing living costs and high rents, it’s important to share what resources and aid we can to help tackle these issues.

As a company, we hope to raise a total of £1,000 for Brick by Brick over the next year. In the last three months, we have almost reached halfway already, with a total of £453 raised. So far, we have done a pub quiz, a book sale, a bake sale, and we have a Halloween themed quiz planned for the coming weeks.

Most recently we held a charity bake which had a distinctively ‘spooky’ theme, with Jordin and Isobelle from 'Brick by Brick' visiting our London office to help judge the contest. 

Isobelle is the manager of 'Brick by Brick' and Jordin is an individual who has been directly affected by homelessness. Jordin reffered himself to the charity when he found himself without a place to sleep. Now in safe and secure accommodation, Jordin is working on his music career and is still benefiting from the support that 'Brick by Brick' has provided to help him grow and gain experience.

The two tried and tested every cake, pie and cookie that was entered into the competition. The judge was based on ‘appearance, taste and overall scariness’. It was tough decision, but our Sales Executive Sean was crowned the winner with his terrifyingly terrific ‘chocolate zombie hand cake’ (see below)

To learn more about' Brick By Brick’s' current projects or what you as an individual can do to help, you visit their website here.

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