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We are all looking forward to travelling and swapping safely, whenever that may be, and that things will have changed, especially our attitudes towards cleanliness and hygiene. While travel has been on hold, we’ve been working hard to create guidelines for our swappers to provide guidance, support and reassurance. Below you will find information on how to prepare your home for future home swaps.

Now, more than ever, our members care about the cleanliness of their homes and the homes they’re swapping with. We want to make sure our community stays safe once travel resumes, so we’ve taken steps to help you. With these guidelines, we’re hoping to take some of the guesswork out of preparing your home for guests, and also make recommendations on what guests can do to make sure they have a safe stay.


What is included in these guidelines?

There’s a host of information to help our members keep each other safe. A guide to cleaning your home, a checklist of things to clean with a room-by-room breakdown, as well as a letter to leave your home swap guests to help them feel at ease.

Where can I access these guidelines?

You can find the full guidelines here

Download our cleaning guidelines

Download our cleaning checklist

Download our swap guest welcome card

Do all Love home Swap members have to commit to these guidelines?

We ask that any member who has agreed to host a home swap adheres to these guidelines as closely as possible. If you have any concerns about hosting a member or preparing your home, please get in touch with our friendly team. 




Love Home Swap has reviewed guidance from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) (, WHO (World Health Organisation) ( Public Health England ( websites to produce these guidelines for home swappers. The CDC, WHO and Public Health England have not endorsed this content. Love Home Swap does not make any express or implied warranty or representation about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability of this content. Your use of and reference to these guidelines is at your own risk.


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