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Here at Love Home Swap we’re a huge fan of interior design – and it seems that our members are too. We have some truly exceptional properties on site with interiors like we’ve never seen before, so we thought we’d show them off. If you’re after some home décor inspiration for yourself, or just want to admire the creativity of others – check out our favourites below. 

1. Temporary loft in Vlaanderen, Belgium

We love this loft and its sixties character. The wooden panelling combined with contemporary and vintage furniture make it a truly unique and exceptional home. The loft has four different themed bedrooms, the green room, animal room, quiet room and the school room – which each have their own different look and feel. 

2. Luxury oceanfront villa in Bali, Indonesia

This villa’s name ‘Tirta Kencana’ translates as ‘Golden Water’, reflecting the spectacular views experienced from this villa. The architect modelled this home ‘like a gallery’, with the main feature the ocean views. The gorgeous interior was designed by world-renowned firm Super Potato from Japan – and we are totally in love with the colours, art, and use of space. 

3. Luxury flat in the heart of London 

Not only is this large duplex flat in a prime central London location, but the interior is exquisite. We love how luxuriously furnished this home is, from the grand piano to the gorgeous artwork hung in the duplex space – this home has been meticulously designed from floor to ceiling. 

4. Modern ski home in Colorado, USA

It isn’t hard to see why this gorgeous home was featured in Dwell magazine. Not only are the natural surrounding views stunning, but the interior is modern, light and spacious. Our favourite feature of this home is the hanging fireplace – perfect for those nights after hitting the slopes! 

5. Luxury villa in Ibiza, Spain

We love how impeccably decorated this open plan villa is. The design fuses contemporary with touches of Mediterranean and Asian influences. Many of the furnishings and woodwork from this property have been imported from Bali which makes the ambience of the property relaxing, sophisticated and welcoming.

6. Stylish home in Putney, London

This large home was completely renovated in 2013 and combines practicality with sophisticated design. The large open spaces have been designed for family living but done so in a modern and stylish way – and in a great location close to central London! 

7. Relaxing home in Honfleur, France

We love the simple, clean and ‘shabby chic’ interior of this home. The property’s rustic interior contrasts well with its white, modern interior; creating a relaxing and peaceful setting.  

8. Luxurious villa in Barcelona, Spain

Spacious, modern, and luxurious – we love everything about this villa in Barcelona. The double height space, modern art and floor to ceiling windows make it the ultimate space to enjoy the surrounding Sitges Hills. 

9. Designer penthouse apartment in Beijing, China

An ‘oasis of modern Chinese design’ – this penthouse apartment is spectacularly decorated. The use of different materials, textures and neutral colours makes this space modern, artistic yet comfortable and homely. Plus, its location in Beijing makes it an exotic holiday destination.  

10. Interior designed Victorian house in South West London

You can clearly see that this home is owned by an interior designer – and a talented one too. We love the use of light, space and colour in this property – especially in the minimalistic kitchen. The convenient location also is a plus – allowing you to explore all that London has to offer. 

11. Architectural Mews house in Notting Hill

This 2,100 sq ft property is a hidden gem perfectly located in the heart of trendy Notting Hill. The exquisite interior has been beautifully designed – and makes for a modern yet comfortable space. We particularly love the use of bold artwork on the walls which contrast nicely with the neutral colours of the room. 

12. Stunning family beach house in New South Wales, Australia

If the view from this home isn't incredible enough, then the interior certainly does it. The exposed brick wall, modern furniture and artistic light fixtures are our favourite features in this property. We love how open, light and simple this design is - allowing you to really enjoy the views. 


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