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We're always working to improve the travel experience of our members and are happy to offer a service that will give added confidence in booking your trips around the world - our refundable Trip Deposit service.

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We launched a security deposit service in April 2014, giving our members extra peace of mind when they're travelling, in the event of small damages that may occur during a trip. It has proved very popular. After considering feedback from members of the club, we're expanding this service to include the rare occasion that a trip is cancelled after it's been agreed.

Members now have the option to mutually agree an amount that is set aside as a deposit for their trip - we call it a Trip Deposit. Both members contribute to the deposit and this money is held in a secure third-party account, to be refunded after the members have completed their holiday. In the rare case that a member cancels a trip, the trip deposit is in place to cover some of the costs and help the other member to pay for alternative arrangements. In this case, the deposit would simply be transferred to the guest.

Members also have the option to roll the trip deposit over into a security deposit (for accidental damage) once the trip has started, making it simpler to manage and giving you the peace of mind knowing you're covered for those little accidents that can sometimes happen. If you choose to include the security deposit option, the money would be refunded at the end of the trip assuming that no damage takes place.

Our membership team will manage all the necessary agreement forms to make sure that everything is clear and so that members have the assurance that their funds are safe. No money is transferred between members until both have confirmed that they are happy. For this service we charge a small handling and administrative fee.

To find out more about Trip Deposits check out our FAQs or to chat to one of our team, simply drop us a line and we'll get in touch at a time that suits you.

For more details of this service, please see our FAQs on Trip Deposits.

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