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Introducing response rates

Published in News - July 9, 2020

We recently introduced our latest update; response rate for members. Read on to find out more about what response rates are, how they can help you with your next home swap search and what you can do to improve your own response rate. 

How are response rates calculated?  

Member response rate will differ according to two factors. Firstly, the rate that a member replies at (or how often do they reply to their swap messages). Secondly, the speed or how quick they are to reply. Our best responders are will be labelled Top Responders.  


How can I improve my response rate? 

Members can improve their response rate by making sure to reply to all messages (even if it’s a no this time round) and always replying to requests in a timely manner. We recommend replying to messages within 3 days or less. This rule applies whether you reply to one swap request of 100, it’s always important to respond to all swap enquiries.  

How can I see the response rate of a member? 

You can see whether a member is a good responder on their profile summary on their property listing (see below).  



I haven’t sent or received any swap requests yet – what is my response rate? 

Don’t worry, if you haven’t yet sent or received any requests your response rate won’t display on your profile. Once you have sent and replied to your first swap request, your response rate will display in your profile.  


Have questions?  

Get in touch with our customer services team, we’re always happy to help.   

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