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Introducing WeSwap...

Published in News - December 6, 2016

So, you’ve found your dream swap and already saved a fortune on those hefty accommodation costs – so why pay through the roof for your holiday money? 

Well, we love our members to swap, save money and get travelling – so that’s why we’re super excited to be teaming up with our friends over at WeSwap; the world’s first peer to peer travel money platform.


WeSwap’s process is simple, using the WeSwap app and Prepaid MasterCard®, you can bypass the banks and bureau and swap directly with your fellow travelers - all at transparent rates at a fraction of the typical cost. Plus, as a Love Home Swap member, you get £10 free!


Like us, WeSwap are saying goodbye to traditional (and expensive) ways to travel. We all know what it’s like getting ready for your holiday – clothes shopping, arranging flights, getting someone to look after your dog Buster – the list goes on. So your travel money is probably the last thing you’re really thinking about. Most people do one of three things:


  1. 1. Head down to the high-street and exchange their cash at the Post Office or somewhere similar.
  2. 2. Take your debit/credit card abroad and just worry about the charges when you get back.
  3. 3. Or exchange your cash at the airport.

The problem? It’s expensive! Exchanging at the airport will cost you around 11% of your money, the high-street around 5% and your debit/credit card around 3.5%... Money that could be put towards hiring your own private chef or hiring a boat to explore your new surroundings.


The idea is the brainchild of WeSwap founder and CEO, Jared Jesner – who saw that the traditional way of doing travel money was unfair. Jared saw that banks, bureaux and other traditional currency providers were charging people a fortune to exchange their hard earned money so that they can enjoy a well deserved break.

If travelers heading in the opposite direction could just swap their travel money like they do their homes there would be no need to pay for it. WeSwap does this fairly and correctly, handing the money and initiating the swap. They do this at the inter-bank rate and are totally transparent about the small fees they charge. At just 1.4%, 1.3% and 1% (depending on how quickly you need the money) you really have nothing to lose (and potentially a lot to gain £££).


Any questions? Feel free to contact our team at, or alternatively visit WeSwap's website.

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