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Published in News - November 23, 2015

We've just launched our new Luxe group - a collection of the most luxurious and desirable homes on Love Home Swap, operated on an invite-only basis. Been invited? Here's the benefits and the great homes this exclusive new group will get you.

The Love Home Swap Luxe group is an exclusive new club within the Love
Home Swap community.

The group is by invitation-only and only consists of engaged swappers with the most luxurious, in-demand homes on the site.

But what's in it for you?

First of all, we know you guys spend a lot of time searching for homes like yours, so as a Luxe member, you'll have an additional search function allowing you to filter your search results solely to other members of the group.

We'll also be working on the group constantly as it grows to make sure you receive benefits you'll all find useful.

You can expect this to include:

  • - Functionality to show your home's listing to other Luxe homes only.
  • - Referral programme (we will always vet all homes before invites are issued).
  • - Early access to new on-site features.

On top of all this, with the group already up and running, to give you an idea of what's waiting for you, we shortlisted some of our favourite homes already in the group:

Adriana - Oaxaca, Mexico

David - Bali, Indonesia

Georges - Paris, France

Amy - Las Vegas, USA

Kim - Sydney, Australia

Andrew - Suffolk, UK

Linda - The Garden Route, South Africa

Michael - Saint James, Barbados

Nick - London, England

Roberto - Rio, Brazil

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