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LHS on the BBC: Girls Can Code

Published in News - September 24, 2015

Our founder Debbie Wosskow leading the way on the BBC for #WomenInTech

It's a well-known fact that women are vastly under-represented in STEM fields (that's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Surprisingly though, what's often considered the most accessible of these fields, the ubiquitous Technology sector, is actually seeing a decline in female representation - with just 26% of tech positions are filled with women.

Only 4% of games coders are female, despite as many women playing these games as men, and even more shockingly despite women representing the majority of social media users (60%), none of the major social media channels were founded by a woman.

Worst of all, of the 100 richest technology entrepreneurs in the world, just seven are female.

Female under-representation in technology is an epidemic and an issue our founder Debbie Wosskow is keen to help reverse.

We were thrilled when she was asked to participate BBC Three's new series Girls Can Code, which will put a group of millennial women through their paces to show them that they can forge a path in tech.

The show is inspiring a generation of young women to believe they have what it takes to work in tech - something Debbie knows from experience is entirely possible.

You can catch up on both episodes on BBC iPlayer.

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