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Love Home Swap and RCI staff offer

Published in News - December 14, 2015

Here's what you need to know about RCI's exciting new partnership with Love Home Swap and what it means for you as a staff member.

RCI staff are now be able to claim an exclusive 6 month free Love Home Swap membership (worth £72, Lite membership level) - with an exchange fee of only £49 per swap

What's included?

With your membership, you'll be able to list your main home, second home or timeshare week with Love Home Swap. You'll enjoy unlimited swaps (at only £49 per trip) and can choose between Direct Swaps and Point Swaps

We have thousands of fantastic homes available around the world, including city apartments, ski chalets, countryside villas and beach retreats. These are in popular worldwide locations including UK, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

To take up this offer, all you'll need to do is email and quote 'LHS Exclusive'. Love Home Swap will then get you set up and email you with your login details - ready to start swapping.

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