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Our Commitment to you

Published in News - March 26, 2020

During these unprecedented times, ­­we want you to know that we’ll be here for as long as it takes.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

We’ll be flexible

Times are uncertain and plans might change. We’ll bend over backwards to find the solution that works for you


We’ll go the extra mile

Our Customer Support team are fantastic. You’ve probably spoken to them before. We’re giving them every power to do what they do best. Get in touch whenever you need help


We’re continuing our mission

Home swapping is more than just a holiday. That won’t change. We’re proud to bring people together, bridge cultures and change lives in big (and small) ways


We’ll stick together

You are Love Home Swap. Our members are everything. Over the coming months, everything we do will - more than ever - be to support and nurture our swap community


We’re getting ready for the future

We’re looking to what comes next. Our team are working harder than ever to give you the best possible home swapping experience now, and a year from now


Things will change over the coming days and weeks. We’ll continue to keep you updated and continue to support our community.


Your Love Home Swap Team 

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