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Find out how a family of 10 discovered home swapping to save almost £4,000 on their annual family holiday.

Did you catch Love Home Swap’s feature in BBC 1 Shop Well For Less? 

The popular UK programme helps families across the nation change the way they spend money, without compromising on their lifestyle.


The first episode of Series 4 saw the biggest family ever on the programme. John, 46, and Caroline, 44, are proud parents to their eight children: Ellena 20, Joshua 18, Daniel 14, Finley 10, Henry 9, Sophia 7, Florence 5 and finally Emilia, who is 20 months. 

The family of 10 live in Evesham, UK (Credit: BBC)


With 10 people living under one roof, Caroline and John were already super savvy when it comes to spending, but they’re discovering that as the kids get bigger, so do the costs that come with them.

One of the biggest savings for the family from the episode was opting to home swap over traditional rentals for their family vacation.

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The family normally opt for a villa abroad, but this time they opted to save money on transport and accommodation by home swapping just 1.5 hours away from their home in Evesham, England for a Love Home Swap member’s converted 10 bed farmhouse in Somerset.


Finding a rental that can cater for a family of 10 can be costly, but a home swap is a great way to help save on spending (Credit: BBC)


On first impressions Caroline comments that the home is “a lot bigger than the villas they normally stay in” with her daughters commenting that the home was “ginormous” and “beautiful”.

The home features a tennis court, swimming pool, ponds, an orchard and even a treehouse. “I love playing tennis, so coming here would just be perfect” comments one of their sons.

Home swaps have all the comforts of home that hotels and rentals often lack, as well as added special perks like toys, games and even sometimes treehouses in the garden (Credit: BBC


Last year, the family of 10’s holiday to Portugal cost them around £4,500. When asked to estimate how much it would cost to stay in this home swap, the family guessed £2,500-3,000.


When taking into account an annual membership with Love Home Swap plus any additional swapping fees, a week home swap in this converted farmhouse would be just £145. With a potential saving over £4,000.

When asked if they would like to holiday here, mum Caroline comments the farmhouse has a “lovely amount of space, it’s gorgeous” with her son commenting “I can definitely see us enjoying this place".


The family enjoyed exploring their home swap in the English countryside (Credit: BBC


Watch the full episode here (with our home swap feature at 47 minutes.)


Properties you could home swap for as a family of 10 on Love Home Swap


1. This beautiful French manor house set in 6 acres of land in Limousin, France

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2. This seaside manor in Melbourne, Australia

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3. This stunning lake house home in Peñol, Colombia

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4. This large rural farmhouse in Western Cape, South Africa

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5. This grande chateau set within a wine resort in Georgia, USA

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6. This large Victorian family home in London, UK

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