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Great news! Love Home Swap is offering Scummy Mummies podcast listeners a special four-week free trial of Love Home Swap, one of the world’s leading home swapping platforms. Just click here to redeem your offer!

What is Love Home Swap?

Love Home Swap is a different way to have a brilliant holiday. We’re on a mission to help you turn your home into great travel experiences, with thousands of homes already to choose from in over 100 countries.  We do this by connecting great people in great destinations to create unique travel experiences that you can’t find in your average rental or hotel.


How does home swapping work?

Home swapping is similar to how you imagine it, with many of our swaps being a ‘you go to theirs; they go to yours’ system. So, for example, while you go skiing in Scandinavia, a friendly Norwegian family enjoy a stay at yours. And you get to enjoy all the space and home comforts that come with staying in a real family’s house, whilst safe in the knowledge that someone is looking after yours whilst you’re away.

We understand that sometimes an exact match isn’t always possible; so we introduced our Points system that allows members to swap homes at different times and locations. Perfect for those occasions where you want to enjoy a tropical getaway to Bali as your Balinese host jets off to the south of France.

Sounds great, how do I redeem my offer?

As a special thank you to Scummy Mummies listeners, Love Home Swap is offering a four-week free trial. During your trial, you can list your property, search for homes and message other members. You can get started here

Need help? Our team are on hand for any questions you have, simply drop us an email and we can message back or book in a call to chat more.

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