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We were interested in seeing where our members were searching for home swaps this year, and after researching the results are in. From the top results, we surveyed a pool of US consumers to see where their favourite travel spots were - with Japan, Finland and Thailand at the top of the list of hottest searched international travel destinations in 2018. 

We surveyed 1,000 Americans to uncover their top travel aspirations and what if there is anything stopping them from visiting their dream destinations.

According to our survey, 77% of Americans have a travel bucket list, but only a mere 3% have visited all the destinations on their list. There are a few reasons quoted as to why this is the case, however the result that took an overwhelming majority is the costs of travel at 85%. 

Home swapping can be a great way to save thousands on travel costs and can provide a unique and more personal travel experience.

From our results, we’ve put together the top five most searched destinations on Love Home Swap to inspire your next home swap adventure and to get you ticking destinations off your own travel bucket list.


Becoming one of the most visited destinations in all of Asia, Japan comes in at number one on American’s bucket list, with 55% of Americans having the country on their 'to travel' list. With a truly unique culture and rich in history, Japan has a lot to offer all kinds of travellers from a variety of ages. From the ancient temples of Kyoto to the bustling centre of Tokyo – we would recommend at least two weeks to get a full flavour of what this country has to offer.

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Coming in second on American’s bucket list with 34% having the Nordic country on their list, Finland has its own recognisable culture from it’s Scandinavian counterparts Sweden and Norway. Proud to be titled the happiest people in the world and with more water and forests than anywhere else in Europe (over 70% of its land is covered in forest) it’s a great destination for any nature lover. 

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Coming in tied second with Finland, Thailand is on 34% of American’s travel bucket lists. It’s long been popular with backpackers and travellers, however Thailand in recent years has seen a boom in tourism for more luxury vacations. Although this has made it pricier in major tourist destinations like Bangkok, Koh Samui and Ko Tao – you can make your trip cheaper through home swapping in these destinations rather than staying in hotels, as well as visiting lesser known destinations further north like Chang Rai (the younger sibling of its bigger older brother Chang Mai). Plus, with street food vendors with prices as low as £1 for Pad Thai – it’s hard to think of a more reasonably priced destination to visit. 

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Tourism in Portugal in recent years has seen a boom in popularity, and despite its recent success it still proves to be one of the best value counties to holiday in Europe with 28% of American's having the destination on their bucket list. Paired with choosing home swapping over pricey hotels, Portugal can prove to be a dirt-cheap holiday with bucket loads of charm with its rich history, rugged coastlines, famous tiles and delicious food.

We’d recommend a few days in both the capital Lisbon and the country's second largest city Porto as well as testing your surfing skills on the Algarve.

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Famous for its wine, steak and its incredible landscapes, it’s hard to see why Argentina wouldn’t be on 26% of American’s travel bucket lists. If you’re looking for epic scenery, exploring the icy Glaciers National Park in the south Patagonian region of the country, to being mesmerised by the 82-meter-high Iguazu Water Falls of the north – there’s no shortage of stunning nature in this huge, diverse country.

If it's city living you’re after, you can’t beat the bustling Buenos Aires. Big and sprawling, this city has bucketloads of history to explore during the day and a vibrant nightlife where you can tango the night away. If you’re looking to visit this amazing country, we’d recommend visiting between December and February during the countries summer months.

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What destinations are on your bucket list? If you're interested in making your dream holidays a reality, why not try our free trial to enjoy two weeks free. 

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