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7 Things you need to know about home swapping

7 Things you need to know about home swapping

Ellena Morgan
By Ellena Morgan - 13 minute read

1. You’ll save mon­ey (lots of it)

One of the biggest ben­e­fits of home swap­ping is the huge amount of mon­ey our mem­bers save on their trav­els. With an aver­age sav­ing of £1,065 per hol­i­day (based on sev­en nights of accom­mo­da­tion), our mem­bers saved just over £6.5million on their trav­el expens­es* in 2019. How is that even pos­si­ble, we hear you ask­ing. Well let’s be hon­est, a large per­cent­age of your trav­el bud­get prob­a­bly goes on hotels or hol­i­day rentals, so if you’re able to sig­nif­i­cant­ly cut the cost of your accom­mo­da­tion, it means you have more mon­ey in your pock­et to spend on oth­er things while you’re away — impor­tant stuff like like eat­ing out, hav­ing your tenth cof­fee break of the day, tak­ing day trips and splurg­ing out on love­ly hol­i­day mementos.

We’ve been swap­ping for near­ly nine years and have been to The Bahamas, Antigua, San Fran­cis­co, Seat­tle, Bali, Menor­ca, Paris, and dozens of oth­er gor­geous places in the UK and abroad. We’ve saved thou­sands of pounds and had some won­der­ful hol­i­days. The thought of book­ing accom­mo­da­tion seems strange to us now.
Love Home Swap member

By Marylou Love Home Swap member

2. You can swap more than just your home

Anoth­er great way to save mon­ey and take some of the has­sle out of your trip is by swap­ping oth­er assets too. From surf­boards and wet­suits to child-friend­ly essen­tials such as high­chairs and toys, our mem­bers lend each oth­er so much more than just their homes — though how much you choose to share is entire­ly up to you. And the fun does­n’t stop there. 40% of our home swap­pers are open to shar­ing their cars with oth­er mem­bers, while 20% of our mem­bers also share access to lifestyle ser­vices such as gym and club mem­ber­ships, and ski pass­es. By opt­ing to share these things that can add a great deal of expen­di­ture to your hol­i­day bud­get, you can make huge sav­ings on your travels.

3. You don’t need to match your trav­el plans with oth­er members

When you think of home swap­ping, many envi­sion scenes from The Hol­i­day’ with Cameron Diaz in LA mes­sag­ing Kate Winslet in Eng­land and find­ing a direct match. This is what we call a Clas­sic Swap, which makes up rough­ly 50% of our total home swaps agreed on the plat­form — it’s par­tic­u­lar­ly pop­u­lar with fam­i­lies who may be tied to school hol­i­days. How­ev­er, we also have a more flex­i­ble way to swap too. We under­stand that our mem­bers can’t always match dates and loca­tions, so Points Swap­ping allows you to stay in some­one’s home with­out them stay­ing in yours — our mem­bers sim­ply trade Points’. These Points can be accrued by allow­ing some­one to stay in your home. You can then spend’ your Points when and where you like. To find out more about this clever way of exchang­ing your home, take a look at this use­ful guide to Points Swap­ping.

Love­home­swap is a great web­site that offers Points swaps, which make it easy for swap­ping as we don’t need to match the loca­tion and the time of the trip. Now, they offer instant point swap which is real­ly con­ve­nient for look­ing a swap.
Love Home Swap member

By Hanh Love Home Swap member

The Chung family enjoying a home swap in Apollo Bay, Victoria

The Chung fam­i­ly enjoy­ing a home swap in Apol­lo Bay, Victoria

4. It’s not just for homeowners

Admit­ted­ly many of our mem­bers own the prop­er­ties they are exchang­ing, but renters (as well as oth­er forms of own­er­ship includ­ing shared-own­er­ship) are also wel­come to join our plat­form, as long as you have cleared the swap with all of the nec­es­sary par­ties. Before becom­ing a mem­ber, we always rec­om­mend check­ing with your land­lord (or oth­er rel­e­vant par­ties) that they’re hap­py with the con­cept of home swap­pers stay­ing in your home, and make sure you have the cor­rect trav­el and home insur­ance in place before agree­ing an exchange.

5. It’s a safe way to trav­el, in more ways than one

Home swap­ping is safe in two ways. First­ly, the pan­dem­ic has remind­ed us all of the impor­tance of our health, so home swap­ping has proved to be a great way to secure plen­ty of space for you and your fel­low trav­el-com­pan­ions to enjoy a hygien­ic break. There are no shared break­fast buf­fets or cramped ele­va­tors to con­tend with, just a love­ly pri­vate space where you won’t have to bat­tle for a deck chair or queue up for your meals! Sec­ond­ly, home swap­pers ben­e­fit from hav­ing a house sit­ter while they’re away. This means there’s some­one look­ing after your home, water­ing your plants, tak­ing out the trash, and even look­ing after your pet! Being part of Love Home Swap means that you also enjoy addi­tion­al peace of mind by engag­ing with ver­i­fied mem­bers, and you will have access to thou­sands of hon­est swap reviews so that you know who you’re wel­com­ing into your home — and our Cus­tomer Care team are always on-hand to help you out.

I feel safe know­ing that peo­ple stay­ing in our prop­er­ty look after it like their own. We get to stay in places we would­n’t nor­mal­ly choose and this makes it an adven­ture. High­ly rec­om­mend this to any­one.” – Lynne, Love Home Swap member

6. It takes time to organ­ise — but the effort is always worth it

As a mem­bers-only site, Love Home Swap is a com­mu­ni­ty-focused plat­form, mean­ing that you get to know the own­er of the home you’re look­ing to swap to. This means that home swap­ping often isn’t an instant arrange­ment like you’d expe­ri­ence on a hotel book­ing sys­tem, but instead an oppor­tu­ni­ty to get to know oth­er mem­bers, and a bit more about their home and their neigh­bour­hood. Many of our mem­bers embrace this peri­od of time, as it’s nice to know that you trust the peo­ple who are going to be stay­ing in your home.

If you need to arrange a swap in a short­er timescale, then sim­ply give our friend­ly Cus­tomer Care team a call — they’re talk­ing to our mem­bers all the time, so they have a detailed knowl­edge of homes that might be avail­able for when you’re look­ing. Many sec­ond-home own­ers are also hap­py to con­sid­er instan­ta­neous swaps, and keep their Avail­abil­i­ty Cal­en­dars updat­ed to show when their homes are free. 

7. It’s not for every­one (though you’ll prob­a­bly love it)

Although stay­ing in some­one else’s home has become the norm in the last decade due to the rise in peer-to-peer rental plat­forms, home swap­ping still remains an unusu­al con­cept to many. But (and this real­ly is a big but), we’re pas­sion­ate about the trav­el-trans­form­ing capa­bil­i­ties of home swap­ping. We love the idea of trav­el­ling for less and stay­ing in a home-from-home, and so do our thou­sands of mem­bers world­wide who are hap­py to share their stun­ning homes with like­mind­ed mem­bers. Home swap­ping is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent men­tal­i­ty to rent­ing; it’s built on a com­mu­ni­ty of trav­el-lov­ing, home-lov­ing enthu­si­asts who are on a mis­sion to enjoy a more authen­tic way to trav­el — and we’re con­fi­dent that once you’ve tried us, you won’t want to go back to pay­ing for extor­tion­ate hotels and hol­i­day rentals. 

We sim­ply love Love­Home­Swap. It has com­plete­ly changed the way we hol­i­day. We have swapped in Aus­tralia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Moroc­co, France, Bali and lots more. In each place we have felt part of the local com­mu­ni­ty, more con­nect­ed to local cul­ture, and have accessed hol­i­day high­lights that would oth­er­wise have been missed.” — Phil, Love Home Swap member

Sign up to Love Home Swap

Inter­est­ed in try­ing home swap­ping for your next trip? Sim­ply sign up to start cre­at­ing your pro­file and enjoy a free two-week tri­al to try it your­self! Have some ques­tions? We love to chat. Sim­ply get in touch with our friend­ly Cus­tomer Care team, and ask us anything!

*Based on the aver­age mem­ber swap­ping for one week per year.