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RCI UK Platinum members can receive a free membership to Love Home Swap for a 12 month period. Your complimentary membership will be on our highest tier, Platinum, and all you'll pay is a £48 swap transaction fee, payable directly to Love Home Swap whenever you agree a swap within the qualifying year.

To claim this offer simply call 0845 60 86 380 or email including quote code 'RCI Platinum'.





Once you're signed up you'll be able to list both your primary home, as well as any additional homes you own and including your Timeshare.

The only thing left to work out is where to swap first. Take a look at some of our most exciting homes around the world (you'll have thousands to choose from).



Terms and Conditions: You must be an RCI Platinum subscribing member and will receive one year's Love Home Swap Platinum membership without paying the normal monthly membership fee. You will pay a £48 swap transaction fee directly to Love Home Swap for every swap you make in the qualifying year. Your Love Home Swap Platinum membership will cease automatically at the end of the qualifying year. You will be able to re-register with Love Home Swap and choose your membership level subject to the prevailing fee. Registration with Love Home Swap is subject to their Terms and Conditions, available on their website. You must be eligible to swap your timeshare accommodation and, if you register this accommodation with Love Home Swap, you cannot deposit that Week with RCI. Any deposited Weeks with RCI must be withdrawn prior to registering them with Love Home Swap.

*Please note this offer has now expired and is no longer valid*

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