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Our Top 10 Homes with City Views

Published in News - July 14, 2017

Our members have some pretty amazing homes in some prime locations. This week we've rounded up ten of our favourite homes with some incredible city views... 

London - We’re in love with this gorgeous view of Westminster Palace alongside the River Thames, and of course the central location makes the apartment ideal for visiting London’s biggest and most iconic attractions.

Rome - We adore this cosy, warm (both physically and metaphorically) apartment which experiences spectacular weather, and as a bonus the terrace offers a glimpse of St. Peter's Basilica’s summit.

New York - If a penthouse isn’t luxury enough, then this outstanding view of Manhattan Skyline from a balcony certainly makes this swap a treat.

Paris - This stylish apartment with an up-close view of the Eiffel Tower makes it the perfect holiday destination for early birds who miss the ques and witness breath-taking views of Paris from the peak of the Eiffel Tower.

Sydney - We would love nothing more than to swap homes with this modern apartment that has stunning waterfront views of Sydney harbour, the Opera House and Botanic gardens.  What more could you want?

Cape Town - We can imagine spending many hours relaxing on Blouberg beach immediately in front of this friendly apartment, as well as enjoying the remarkable view of quite possibly the most famous attraction in Cape Town; the Table Mountain.

Venice - This quirky apartment offers a mix of historical venetian architecture with contemporary interior design, and the location also offers fantastic views of the well-known San Marco.

Seville - We love this priceless view of the Torre de Oro which clearly demonstrates why the landmark was given its name; Golden Tower, and certainly wouldn’t mind a house swap with this lot.

Florence - Set in an artist loft, this view of the famous cathedral is a romantic paradise.  It would be an honor to swap with homes and live in the loft where painters from the Renaissance worked.

San Francisco - What a pleasure it would be to swap homes into the friendly neighborhood of Bernal heights and witness these outstanding views of San Francisco’s skyline!

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