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July 4th, otherwise known as Fourth of July, Indepence Day and America's Birthday, is the USA's biggest secular holiday and a real cause for celebration across The Land of Opportunity. We took a look at destinations across The States and how they celebrate this special day. These were our favourites...

Macy's Fourth of July Spectacular

Getting the obvious out the way, New York City is an amazing destination for anyone, American or otherwise, to celebrate the birth of the nation. It's estimated that some 14,000 fireworks displays take place on July 4th each year, but Macy's show is the biggest and the best, with 75,000lbs of fireworks going off during the 25 minute show over the East River.



A parade with a difference

No Fourth of July celebration would be complete without a parade, but for with a show with a difference, you might want to consider a trip to South Carolina. Murrells Inlet's annual parade takes place on the water, as a parade of boats line the local creek in full festive, decorative splendor.


All you can eat

If you're in New York and fancy something possibly even more American that the Macy's Fourth of July Firework Show, head to Brooklyn neighborhood Coney Island for a taste (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves) of the most American sport going, competitive eating. Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest has take place on the Fourth of July almost every year since the 1972 and is now so well-known it's televised on ESPN.


Everything's better with pancakes

Food is central to many Fourth of July celebrations, with barbecues and local delicacies being enjoyed up and down the great nation. In Sante Fe, New Mexico their food choice for Fourth of July festivities is the American classic, pancakes. They host an annual Pancakes on the Plaza event for Independence Day, which has now been going strong for 40 years.


Where it all began

If you're looking for a slightly more traditional Fourth of July holiday, Philadephia might be your best bet. Despite only being recognized as a national holiday since 1941, the first major Fourth of July celebration on record was in Philadelphia, including the traditional parade and fireworks display we've come to expect, along with a thirteen cannon salute.



A 230-year tradition

Another option for a truly traditional Forth of July is Bristol, Rhode Island. Their first Independence day celebrations took place in 1785, and have carried on every year since. Their two-and-a-half mile parade, which attracts some 100,000 visitors, is the pièce de résistance of the celebrations. A great selection of food and drink, including beers, milkshakes, stuffed quahogs and clam chowder keep the crowds coming back every year though.



Take it to the capital

It goes without saying that the nation's capital also know how to throw a great Fourth of July bash. Washington D.C holds 'A Capitol Forth' each year, which includes a parade on the national mall and performances from The National Symphony Orchestra, as well a host of other famous faces invited for the day's festivities. For a truly atmospheric fireworks display, you can listen to the orchestra play and the fireworks ignite overhead.



'The party with a purpose'

Set up by Essence magazine, Essence Music Festival was originally only planned as a one-time special in 1995 to celebrate its 25 anniversary. Now in its 20th year, the festival, which is held in New Orleans, Louisiana over the Fourth of July weekend is considered the largest event celebrating African-American culture and music in the United States. This year's acts include Usher, Kevin Hart and Mary J. Blige.



Tradition > technology?

We suspect some of our friends over in Silicon Valley might have something to say about South Central Kentucky's unique Fourth of July Computer Trap Shoot. Locals here use their Independence Day to have some fun with (unused, broken or obsolete) electronic devices. Participants head out to the secluded outskirts of Central Kentucky with aforementioned electronic devices they've been gathering throughout the year, which they then launch into the air and shoot. It's like very high-tech clay pigeon shooting. We love technology, but even we have to admit, this does sound pretty fun.


Those are our top picks for the Forth of July holidays. To show us how you're celebrating, #LoveHomeSwap on your Instagrams and Tweets and, more importantly, have a happy Fourth of July!

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